CRM is not simply a product or a piece of software. Instead, it’s a strategy, an approach, a philosophy that should incorporate an organisation’s business processes, people, culture and technology. So, how do you know if your organisation is ready for CRM? Well, the answer is certainly not simple, so before making the decision to invest in any form of CRM strategy, you should firstly consider your existing business processes, people and systems, and how well these meet your business needs. Once you have clarity on this, you can decide if investing in CRM is right for your organisation.

Here are 30 questions that can help you:

1. Is all your member and contact information held in one central place that is easily accessible and visible to all staff in your organisation?

2. Do you have several disparate systems and if so, do they talk to one another where appropriate?

3. What is the quality of your member data like? That is, are there duplicate records, is there missing data, is there consistency?

4. Do you use Excel spreadsheets for holding some of your member data?

5. If one of your colleagues left your organisation or went on holiday, do you have access to all their member contact details and the history of the relationships those contacts have with your organisation?

6. Do different parts of your organisation work together, so that people know what is happening across different departments, or do they tend to work in silos?

7. Can you access all your membership information when out of the office?

8. Do you run your membership renewal process manually or through Excel?

9. Would you like to store data about potential members?

10. Would you like to improve staff productivity by automating time-consuming administrative tasks, like processing membership applications?

11. Would you like to develop and maintain a 360 degree view of your members?

12. Would you like to provide a joined up approach to member engagement? That is, would you like to know if any of your colleagues has a relationship or is in contact with your members and others within their organisation?

13. Can you track historical interactions your members have had with you?

14. Can you track the journey of your members through their entire member life cycle?

15. Do you know how many member enquiries you’ve had and what they were about? Can these enquiries be measured, evaluated, and reacted to appropriately?

16. Would you like to know how many communications your members are receiving and which ones are being read?

17. Do you know which of your marketing campaigns are the most effective?

18. Would you like to send targeted mailshots based on better data quality and an improved understanding of your member base?

19. Do you send emails to your members through your own personal Outlook, which nobody else has access to?

20. Is your communication with your members consistent and are all channels being integrated (e-mail, direct mail, website, face to face contact)?

21. Would you like to segment your member data effectively – by demographics, sector information, sales histories, preferences, buying habits?

22. Are you able to easily show your members the value they receive from you based on the interactions they’ve had with you, the events they’ve attended, the communications they’ve receive?

23. Would you like robust management reporting throughout the organisation as well as to the Board? 24. Would you like to be able to make decisions based on robust intelligence?

25. Would you like to enable your staff to carry out their own adhoc end-user reporting, without being dependent on others? 26. Would you like to analyse trends in terms of recruitment and retention?

27. Can you measure member satisfaction and member loyalty?

28. Would you like to identify sales and marketing opportunities more effectively? Would you like the ability to target new members, to cross-sell and up-sell your services

29. Would you like to have good quality data to develop your product and service offerings to measure members’ propensity to spend?

30. Would you like to make it easier for your members to do business with you?

We hope that these questions have shown you the importance of having a CRM strategy, and if you would like to find out more about how Hart Square can help please get in touch here.

Written by Glenda Parker CEO for Hart Square
Hart Square, Independent CRM and Technology Consultants

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