Membership Excellence 2017 Wall

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This year our Official Illustrator, Caroline Chapple, created the Membership Excellence 2017 Wall. It encapsulates all of the key themes/topics presented and raised during our popular national conference. This is great resource to explore if you are considering improving member engagement value and growth. We recommend printing it off and including as an item on [...]

Top tips to increase readership of your key publications

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By Guest Blogger: Christine Hassall, Marketing Executive Senior Internet   Almost every charity, non-profit organisation and trade association has some form of publication that they create for their members. Publications are an accessible and engaging way to aid your members’ development, so getting them seen is essential! Here are some tips that will help you gain [...]

Roll up, roll up, and get your GDPR cure here

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Guest blog by: Paul Dawson-Hart, Member360 My first ‘eye opening’ GDPR experience was sitting in a room studying for GDPR exams with a mix of Information Governance/InfoSec consultants, multi-national aerospace, defence, IT and pharma organisations as well as a guy from GCHQ who said he worked at Matalan. As the sole membership sector representative I [...]

Membership Hacks from Membership Excellence 2017

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Guest blog by:   Abby Wright-Parkes, Optimist Consulting & Lynda Rigby, Institute of Biomedical Science We thought it would be useful for everyone if we wrote up the top tips from the day to share across the network. Some might seem obvious, but attending a learning event like MEMX, gives membership professionals the time to take [...]

Sharing Your Members’ Personal Data with Outsourced Providers?

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I regularly receive queries from membership organisations and associations regarding data protection. It can be a rather 'dry' topic (if I am honest) but it is definately something we must all take seriously; but what about our providers? "Data Breach" - There's two words that send shivers down my spine as a membership professional and [...]

MemberWise to Celebrate Failure

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Yes. You read the title correctly. At Membership Excellence 2017 we're going to celebrate failure. We introduce Fail Fast Forward. The aim of this Sector First conference theme is to enable association and membership professionals to learn from each other's past mistakes (Fail) to ensure future risk of failure is minimised, and the likelihood of [...]

Contextualisation is the key to delivering powerful digital experiences for members

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    By Guest Blogger: Tim Chalklen Director and Owner at Unified Solutions     In our previous MemberWise guest blog 'Get personal with members' we spoke about how personalising the member's online experience will make them feel valued while helping to build and maintain brand loyalty. This blog takes you to the next level of personalisation throwing 'contextualisation' into the mix. [...]

MEMX 2017 Accredited by the CPD Standards Office

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We’re pleased to announce that Membership Excellence 2017 (#MEMX2017) is accredited by the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) Each of our national conferences provide delegates with high quality learning and insight. We believe it's important to deliver content to the highest standard and independent accreditation quality assures this activity. The CPD Standards Office event accreditation process [...]

Harness your ‘data’ to improve your learners’ experience

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Guest Blog by: Jenny Parsons (McTiernan) COO, ProTech   Do you think of ‘big’ data as only being important to those ‘big’ enterprises operating outside of the NFP sector and who are daily inundated with huge amounts of data? If the answer is yes, you are missing a trick! If you are a NFP/Association that [...]

Not quite the Lincoln I had planned… (ASAE Technology Conference Blog Article No 1)

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At this time of year, I usually head back ‘Up North’ and do a spot of Christmas Shopping in Lincoln. What am I doing this year? If you are reading this shortly after publication I am currently hurtling 3,662 miles across the Atlantic Ocean towards Washington DC and quite a different ‘Lincoln’ springs to mind! [...]