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Nicola Anderson
VP Marketing at GoCardless


No matter what you’re selling, conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for any online business. And membership organisations are no different.

What exactly is conversion rate and why is it so important? Conversion rate is defined as the number of people who visit your site and take whatever action you intend them to take. This may be to purchase a product, download an ebook, or sign up as a member of your organisation.

Every decision you make about your online presence can mean the difference between either turning a visitor into yet another loyal customer, or putting them off so they go elsewhere, perhaps even to a competitor.

So are you doing everything you can to make your landing page experience the best possible for your organisation’s potential new members? We’ve gathered five useful tips as a quick starting point to improve your conversion rate today.

1         Keep it simple. When taking the customer through the sign-up process, be sure to only ask for the most essential details. Do you really need their street address and phone number? Wouldn’t an email address be enough for starters? It’s important to remember that it’s much easier to ask for more details once they have signed up, as they can carry on building their profile on your site. The key thing is to get them over the line and signed up successfully.

2         Be responsive. Not just to customer questions on Twitter (although that’s great too). At this stage, make sure you use a mobile-friendly responsive sign-up form so that members can sign up across all devices. The frustrations of trying to sign up via a smartphone or tablet only to struggle with a misbehaving and non-responsive webpage can easily send potential members fleeing elsewhere.

3         Offer the right payment options. According to recent research from YouGov, Direct Debit is the payment method that most UK adults feel most comfortable with. In fact, 53% of those surveyed said they’d be comfortable using it. In comparison, only 35% said the same about credit cards. In short, for best results you can’t afford not to include Direct Debit among your membership payment options.

4         Harness the power of social proof. Word of mouth is the ultimate marketing tool. Get the next best thing by including testimonials on your website from your other members about the benefits of signing up to your membership organisation. If you can include a few case studies, so much the better!

5         Offer flexible ways to pay. Nowadays people are looking to maximise flexibility in every area of their lives. Offering your members the ability to pay their subscriptions monthly, annually and quarterly provides options for all budgets and makes life easier. This extra attention to detail may make all the difference for someone on a small budget – and may mean they decide they can afford to become a member of your organisation after all.

We hope these five tips give you a useful starting point for improving your membership organisation’s conversion rate.


GoCardless offers a simple, low-cost Direct Debit solution that’s quick for you and your members to start using. GoCardless also allows you to choose the date, frequency and amount of your payments, based on your exact customer and business requirements.


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