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Introducing the UK’s 10 Largest Professional Bodies

2019-06-25T11:07:34+01:00Thursday, 6 September, 2018|Categories: Trends|

Following the  launch of The UK Membership Sector: Introducing Our Scale & the 100 Largest Membership Bodies blog article we are pleased to announce the launch of a sub list of the 10 Largest UK Professional Bodies. Two thirds of MemberWise Network’s 5,000+ members work within professional bodies, so we thought it would be [...]

Member Value (#MV2025) – 22 reasons why we’ve not focused on it until now!

2018-08-02T12:13:27+01:00Thursday, 2 August, 2018|Categories: Advice & Tips, Best practice sharing, Member Value|

  Author: Richard Gott, MemberWise Network Founder & Chair   The current membership climate is challenging and many organisations are increasing their perceived and actual member value via a range of member benefit-focused development projects. However, an increased focus is required on the topic of member value, particularly with the observed mismatch (outlined in my [...]

Member Engagement and Value – The Discovery of a Mismatch

2018-12-31T15:27:25+01:00Sunday, 24 June, 2018|Categories: Member Engagement, Member Value|

Author: Richard Gott, MemberWise Network Founder & Chair   In 2017, the UK membership and association sector rated member engagement as more of a priority than new member acquisition for the first time in recent years. At the same time, however, the topic area was seen as a big challenge. In response, MemberWise delivered the [...]

The True Value of Members to Membership Organisations and Associations

2018-05-19T17:26:13+01:00Thursday, 24 May, 2018|Categories: Best practice sharing, Member Value|

Author: Richard Gott, Membership Sector Thoght Leader & Chair, MemberWise Network   This year the MemberWIse Network is focusing on the critical topic of enabling membership organisations and associations to offer improved member value. In this article (2 of 7) I introduce the concept of Member Lifetime Value (MLV) and how it can be used [...]

Introducing the Member Value 2025 Project (Part 1 of 7)

2018-06-01T17:20:30+01:00Wednesday, 9 May, 2018|Categories: Advice & Tips, Best practice sharing, Member Value|

Author: Richard Gott,  Membership Sector Thoght Leader & Chair, MemberWise Network   I am pleased to announce the launch of our latest game changer best practice guide - The Member Value 2025 Project - a topic and a year that requires focus now! The Member Value 2025 Project was initiated to help membership organisations and [...]

MemberWise – Building Membership Focused Walls – Eh?

2018-05-04T12:27:08+01:00Tuesday, 8 May, 2018|Categories: Advice & Tips|Tags: , |

At each of our popular membership focused national conferences our Official Illustrator, Caroline Chapple, captures the key themes of the day via 'The Wall'. As our expert keynote speakers present on their insight, knowledge, experience and achievements Caroline draws the emerging themes on a blank canvas. She quite literally 'draws the conference'! Here is the [...]

5 Practical Steps to make sure you don’t become the next headline story

2018-03-27T18:53:18+01:00Monday, 12 March, 2018|Categories: Advice & Tips, Best practice sharing, MemberWise Recognised Supplier|Tags: , |

  Author: Susie Kay Organisation: The Professionalism Group Role: Governance Ambassador     As a member of the Institute of Directors, it has been painful to watch the unfolding story of their governance problems being played out in public over the past week.  The daily revelations of claim and counter-claim, suspensions and resignations, demonstrate once [...]

ICO asks MemberWise for Membership Sector’s 10 Key GDPR Focused Concerns

2018-03-13T05:46:55+01:00Monday, 26 February, 2018|Categories: Memberwise, Survey|Tags: , |

On 25th May the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect and in preparation membership organisations and associations need to be ready. The ICO has asked the MemberWise Network (in partnership with the Trade Association Forum) to submit 10 key membership focused questions, so we want to hear from you! In most [...]

MemberWise Accredited as Provider of Training Excellence

2018-01-21T16:54:01+01:00Monday, 15 January, 2018|Categories: Memberwise|

The MemberWise Network is delighted to announce that it has obtained the Provider of Training Excellence (PTE) accreditation awarded by the Professional Development Consortium.  This formal accreditation highlights and acknowledges the quality and calibre of the training and events programmes that the MemberWise Network delivers. Most importantly it confirms that our content is of a [...]