By Guest Blogger:

Narinder Sangha, CEO



The challenge organisations face today is boosting engagement even if membership numbers maybe declining. Instant communication platforms are great tools to effectively communicate, connect and supercharge activities.

So whilst reading the 3 Little Pigs to my grandniece last week, I thought there were some parallels (please humour me….), with the challenges organisations face when formulating a continuous engagement strategy for their membership.

The 3 Little Pigs

Three differing strategies to try and engage with wolves and deter them from blowing their houses down:

First Little Pig – He decided the best way to build a dialogue with the wolves, was to send them regular emails. Unfortunately the wolves receive a high number of emails on a daily basis. Many did not read them or respond to them. So those who did not read the emails, came and blew his house down.

🤔: 1m emails are sent globally every second. On average 80% bounce rate and 2.4% click throughs.

Second Little Pig – He was very social media savvy. He decided to use Twitter and Facebook and sent out engaging messages to the wolves. He wanted to know why they wanted to blow his house down. Whilst many wolves did read the interesting posts and participate in the polls, the second little pig could not work out which of the wolves agreed with him and which did not. So he could not contact the detractors and engage further. Unfortunately he too, had his house blown down.

🤔: Social media tools have less granularity and fragmented insights

Third Little Pig – The last little pig decided he would use a member engagement platform that allowed him to message, poll and survey wolves directly. He could see all the feedback by individual and who had yet to reply. He in addition also messaged them and signposted them to materials that explained how pigs and wolves can work together. Through the platform he stayed in regular contact and has a healthy dialogue with the wolves. The third little pig saved his house.

🤔: Dedicated communication channels outside the email eco-system with granular insights supports organisations to build personal engagement journeys with their members.

Albeit the story is over simplified it does highlight the workings and limitations of communication tools. The main takeaways being:

  • Email – Is here to stay but overflowing inboxes increase the likelihood of emails being missed
  • Social media tools – are great for maintaining an organisation’s profile but do not provide granular data to organisations
  • Mobile – Members today want to participate and have their views heard. But to increase their participation they want to be engaged in manner that is  convenient, easy and intuitive to them.

Final thought

All communications tools have their place, however the key is how to amplify their strengths and use these as a means of encouraging engagement.


IYAM is an engagement platform that works outside the email/text eco-systems, connecting organisations to their members in real time. A UX rich, single platform that facilitates messaging, surveys, polls, feedback and helps drive traffic to your website and other online marketing platforms.