ICO asks MemberWise for Membership Sector’s 10 Key GDPR Focused Concerns

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On 25th May the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect and in preparation membership organisations and associations need to be ready. The ICO has asked the MemberWise Network (in partnership with the Trade Association Forum) to submit 10 key membership focused questions, so we want to hear from you! In most [...]

The State of User Experience (UX) on Association websites in the UK

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Author: Sahar Dolev-Blitental, Marketing Executive at Pedalo Web Design       Pedalo Web Design is pleased to announce the publication of their new report today on the state of user experience on Membership sites. This report, written in association with the MemberWise Network, explores different aspects of user experience relating specifically to membership organisations [...]

#HTWEB15: Taking a BIG step

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Last week I was chairing a seminar track at Harnessing the Web 2015 (#HTWEB15), the biggest MemberWise conference to date with 300 delegates registered. My seminar track, held in Room 2, was supported by Pixl8 and SmartImpact. It was focused on how to optimise online member engagement, value and growth. One of the themes that [...]

2014 – The Year Associations Improved ‘Online Social’!

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In this article we revisit the pace at which associations and membership organisations are adopting/integrating online social media and establish if it can enhance online member value and engagement. In 2013 the most popular online social media platform (based on usage) was Facebook with 72% of organisations having a presence. This was followed closely by [...]

Associations – Online Anywhere, Anytime & On All Devices – Right?

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The ‘mobile web’ advances deeper into our lives and over the past 12 months this trend has continued. Are associations and membership organisations ready for this rapid shift in the way members wish to access mobile content? Last year the jury was out, so what about this year? Before we dive into this article it [...]

Membership Sector’s Top 20 Uses of the Web…

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What are the top 20 membership sector uses of the web? How are we driving up member recruitment and retention via the web? What has changed since 2013 – In this Blog article we find out! This year we published our second annual survey summary report (sponsored by ASI Europe) on how the membership sector [...]

Are You Protecting Your Members’ Data?

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Looking after our members’ data has been high up on any good marketers list for a long time. The Data Protection Act 1998 has ensured of that. But these days ‘data privacy’, as it’s becoming known, is vital to gaining and keeping new members. It’s simple – you want members’ data so you can market [...]

Top 10 ways European associations are harnessing the web

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We caught up with association professional and chair of the MemberWise Network, Richard Gott. By day he is the Head of Membership Development at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and by night he develops and runs his 1,400 association professional-strong (free to join) network. A key issue facing associations is the provision of [...]