Reflecting on YHA England & Wales journey to simplified membership success

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Author: Jon Smith, Head of Digital, YHA (England and Wales) About 18 months ago, I gave a talk at the annual MemberWise Digital Excellence conference in London. I spoke about plans for YHA England & Wales to simplify its old, outdated and complex membership scheme in a bid to remain relevant to today’s customers, guests [...]

VIDEO – Veena Naik, Learning & Development Officer, CIMA – e-Mentoring Insight

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In this MemberWise Insight we interview Veena about the current CIMA e-Mentoring pilot that is being conducted with up to 1,000 student members. Veena introduces CIMA, outlines why e-Montoring is being piloted, provides an overview of the member focused drivers for the project and outlines how the organisation will measure success. This Insight [...]

Online Mentoring Interview, Veena Naik, Learning and Development Officer, CIMA

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In this short interview CIMA Learning and Development Officer, Veena Naik, talks ‘online mentoring’ with MemberWise Founder, Richard Gott, ahead of her keynote session at Harnessing the Web 2014. Firstly Veena was asked why she thought mentoring was important for CIMA Members - ‘Mentoring is important for our members because it focuses their attention directly [...]

Google Analytics – Translating analytics to enable member-centric online change and development

2017-10-17T13:38:06+01:00Sunday, 12 January, 2014|Categories: Best practice sharing, Video|Tags: | This MemberWise Insight is presented by Becky Reid, Marketing Manager, Fire Industry Association. In this great video Becky outlines how to understand/analyse key data and where to find it within Google Analytics. Becky takes the opportunity to tell us how to interpret this data to better understand members and non-members and how to go [...]

Membership Expert Interview Series – Harnessing the Web

2017-10-17T13:38:17+01:00Saturday, 23 November, 2013|Categories: MemberWise Recognised Supplier, Video|Tags: , , , , , | Introducing the first our 'Membership Expert Interview Series' with George Land, Chairman of APT Solutions. In this interview George advocates the need for effective web-enabled membership services. He advocates the appropriate use of social media and the need to focus on the effective integration…