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Traditionally the idea of moving data from a source system to a target system – what we call a data migration, but also known as Extract, Transform, Load and Lift and Shift – is not met with enthusiasm.

Research shows that most data migrations go over time and over budget.

What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

One of our customers, a charity based on membership, were looking to migrate a database from Care to MSCRM, with the shift in traditional migration paths for charities from bespoke smaller systems to Enterprise CRMs, the charity needed the ability to Cleanse, Enrich, Map and Transform their data in-house to save money on large amounts of resource (contractors) and the managed service approach to migrations (costly). They used our technology to allocate a single super user to carry out these transformations and automate a number of processes saving significant amounts of time, money and resource.

This enabled them to benefit from three major points that we believe every organisation should benefit from through smarter data management:


Membership organisations understand the value of engagement most, but also the pain of poor data quality. How can you engage with your members when you can’t get a letter or an email to them because there’s a typo, or they’ve moved house?

Additional data on your customers doesn’t stop helping improve engagement there though. Experian demographic and consumer data can help you further personalise your marketing and demonstrate that you truly know your members, building trust and loyalty at the same time.

Overcoming limited time and resource:

People, process, technology – these things won’t just make or break your data migration, they could do the same to membership organisations.

If you’ve only got one or two of the three, your results are going to be limited.

It’s easy to believe that ensuring your organisation has created a culture of data governance built around those three themes is going to be an expensive and difficult exercise – but it’s completely untrue.

Having a member-centric approach to your data by investing in the right people, processed and technologies will see you provide a massive ROI, increase staff and member loyalty, and ultimately decrease risk.

Business decisioning and insight:

Once you’ve got a better understanding of your members, through improved data quality and increased referenceable data assets, you’ll be able to make better decisions.

If you’re a donations-based organisation, wouldn’t it be helpful to know where your most affluent members are before you send out letters or pamphlets?

Conversely, could you offset some marketing collateral costs by sending an email instead of a letter because you know the account is accurate.

Move beyond doing things right and start doing the right thing for your members by getting some help with you data.


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