Employment Law & Human Resources (HR)

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Ellis Whittam Legal Services
Telephone Number: 0345 226 8393
Website: Ellis Whittam

Ellis Whittam is a leading provider of legal advisory services to trade associations and membership organisations.

Our approach to working in partnership with membership organisations is simple. We want to achieve the shared objective of happy engaged members who really value their membership of your association.

We are not a mass market provider. We will work with you to understand your long-term objectives and create compelling service propositions which add value and actively support your membership retention and recruitment initiatives.  Whatever your market sector and needs, we have the expertise, flexibility and experience to develop the right solution for your association and your members.

Providing a legal advisory service for your members is now an essential part of any membership offering and adds real impact to your existing member benefits. Ellis Whittam can provide your members with access to expert, professional legal advice by a dedicated telephone number and email address:

  • Employment Law & HR
  • Employment Tribunal support
  • Health & Safety
  • Commercial Law
  • Tax & VAT
  • Employee Counselling
  • Bespoke Legal Expenses Insurance schemes

When did you last review your existing service?

It’s good governance to regularly review your existing provision to ensure that you are still offering the services your members really need and that you are working with the very best providers.  Ellis Whittam is a legal services provider which understands the membership sector.  We would be happy to assist in your review process to ensure you are delivering to your members the best value for money, and quality driven service .

Gateway HR
Telephone Number: 01536 215240

On the 6th November 2019 we celebrated 12 years of providing exceptional HR and training services!

Unlike many other outsourced HR providers, we are a real team of people working from real offices. You won’t find out that we’re giving you scripted advice or that actually we’re just one person working from a home office.

Often, when people think about what a HR team does, they think of what we call the ‘dark side of HR’ – the disciplinaries; the redundancies; the documentation. We’re lucky that because our clients follow our advice, we get to see a lot of the good side of HR too – the people development; the team building; the praise and reward. Because we have a skill for really getting to know your business, we think it’s fair that you get to know ours too.

As a team, we truly have a passion for helping businesses to develop their people and keep them engaged. Over the past decade, we’ve found that actually, it’s quite simple to keep your employees engaged if you take the time.

An in-depth overview of all our products and services can be found at www.gatewayhr.com

Our range of products and services cover:

  • HR Starter Package
  • HR Document Library
  • Retained HR Service
  • HR Audit

Peace of Mind Monthly Subscription

As the name suggests, our Peace of Mind subscription is designed to give you the reassurance you need to handle your HR matters with confidence. You may be new to having employees, or you may have lots of employees but no HR team to advise you. Whatever the size of your business, our Peace of Mind Monthly subscription gives you all of the basic HR tools you need to stay out of trouble, choose the right employees and develop them properly.

  • Mediation Service
  • Psychometric Testing

Charity Partner

While necessary, we realise that HR support for charities is not always financially viable. They have strict budgets and HR support tends to fall to the bottom of their priorities. Yet charities are still liable to the same employment laws that other sectors must comply to.

Since giving back to our local communities is so important to us, each year we run a campaign to search for our Charity of the Year. We choose one charity per area (currently Northamptonshire and Yorkshire) – which is never an easy task – and give them free HR support, including management development and training, for a year.

We will be taking applications to become our Charity of the Year towards the end of this year. Please check our website for details on how to apply.

  • HR Administration
  • HR Recruitment
  • Customer Surveys
  • DSE Assessments
  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys
  • 360 Degree Feedback and Appraisals

Bespoke and In-House Training

All too often HR companies will advise you of the areas that your staff need improvement in, then leave you with the problem of trying to find a reputable company to deliver your training – and to understand the particular areas of concern. Why not find a company that can make recommendations AND deliver the training?

Since people development is such a huge part of HR, it would be silly of us not to also offer training courses. Fortunately, our team has a wealth of experience in training both groups and individuals on a range of topics. We also have great partners that work with us to deliver the exact training course that you need, completely bespoke to your team.

We offer a wide variety of training courses ranging from assertiveness to conflict management, managing stress and resilience training and time management to communication. We also offer a mentoring programme, coaching sessions, and team building days.

We are an approved Centre for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) for provision of the accredited qualifications: Level 3 certificate in The Principles of Management and Leadership, with further study of the Level 5 certificate available as well and the Level 3 certificate in Management Coaching and Mentoring.