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Research by Design
Telephone Number: 0121 643 9090

Research by Design is the UK’s leading market research agency for membership associations, with an established reputation for unpicking complex issues. We pride ourselves on our unique approach and our USP of ‘why before how’, which gives us the ability to think creatively. We do not sell ‘products’ – we customise each research programme to answer our clients’ objectives meaning we deliver valuable insight. We embrace the philosophy of ‘stronger together’ and ensure that we form a true partnership with you.

We understand membership and that is why we created our very own member engagement model. Within our model, we identified four key components of member engagement; behavioural, cognitive, emotional and social. Like membership, our model is always evolving to remain relevant so we are in the process of adding a fifth component – culture. Understanding these characteristics enable us to design research which will explore members’ perceptions, experiences, behaviours and attitudes. Using this data, we are then able to segment members, clustering them by their attitudes rather than just their membership grade or demographic profile.

To find out more, please visit our member engagement page, our case studies or give us a call on 0121 643 9090 to speak to an experienced member of the team.

Telephone Number: 0141 437 0000
Website: CXP

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CXP is an owner managed telemarketing and customer service provider based in Glasgow with delivery capabilities in the UK and South Africa.

We handle thousands of contacts every single day, driving loyalty and satisfaction, and increasing service levels by ensuring you’re there for your members, whenever they need you.

As a leading provider of bespoke, multi-channel contact centre services, we serve organisations of all shapes and sizes, across the Charity, Public Sector, Utilities and Not for profit sectors, we see every interaction as an opportunity to deliver a positive, rewarding experience. By doing so, we ensure our clients get the maximum return on their investment.

Our leadership team comprises over 50 years of contact centre management experience with recent experience supporting the British Medical Association (BMA) and Royal College of Nursing.

Using a multichannel contact strategy to support membership organisations across the following marketing and customer service areas:

  • Promoting events and training courses to maximise awareness and sign up
  • Retention of members
  • Supporting renewal activity during peaks in demand
  • New member acquisition
  • Building commercial partnerships and offering new services to members
  • Providing a membership support function resourced with suitably qualified resources
Enventure Research
Telephone Number: 01484 404797

Enventure Research is a market research agency, specialising in research for membership organisations. We offer a full range of research methodologies, including quantitative research in the form of online, telephone, face-to-face and paper-based surveys, and qualitative research in the form of focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and workshops.

We have worked with a wide range of prestigious membership organisations, professional associations and regulatory bodies to deliver a variety of research projects. This experience has provided us with an informed understanding of the membership sector and the unique challenges membership organisations face, their research requirements, and how to produce excellent and actionable insight.

Each project is uniquely designed to meet the needs of our clients, and we select the most appropriate and effective research methodologies to produce outcomes that are reliable, robust, insightful and actionable.

As a small research agency, we are able to deliver a highly competitive and dedicated service, providing an assigned project manager to see a project through from inception and development, to data collection and fieldwork, to analysis and reporting.

As a membership organisation, we know that understanding your membership is crucial. Engaging with your members by conducting research can provide them an opportunity to feed back on what they think of your organisation, their membership and benefits, how they feel they are being represented within their sector or profession, and how the organisation could develop in the future.

The insight gained from research will allow your organisation to make decisions based on robust evidence and insight to help improve services, drive membership growth, improve retention rates and shape future policy. This insight could include:

  • What members think of the organisation
  • Members’ priorities and satisfaction levels
  • Use of and attitudes towards support, benefits and services offered
  • The importance of representation within the sector/profession
  • Perception of membership fees and value for money
  • Changes or improvements to services
  • Feedback on specific issues or areas of policy
  • Public or stakeholder perceptions and experiences of the sector or your organisation

Your research findings will be displayed in a way that you will find most useful, ranging from visual infographics to detailed research reports. All research outputs will be tailored to suit your needs, and will include clear practical evidence-based recommendations and conclusions that can inform and influence the shape and delivery of your membership services, communications, policy and strategy.

Examples of projects we have successfully delivered include:

  • Royal Town Planning Institute – Membership Survey, Non-Member Research, Student Survey
  • European Society of Anaesthesia – Membership Survey
  • Association of Anaesthetists – Membership Survey, Consultant Fatigue Survey, Overseas Anaesthesia Survey
  • Town and Country Planning Association – Parks and Green Spaces Public Perceptions Research
  • General Dental Council – Attitudes Towards Brexit Research, Website Review, Registrant Survey
  • General Optical Council – Public Perceptions Survey, Education Strategic Review, Vision and Safe Driving Research
  • General Pharmaceutical Council – Insight into Initial Education and Training Research
Telephone Number: 07957 366540
Website: IYAM

IYAM is an engagement platform that works outside the email/text eco-systems, connecting organisations to their members in real time. A UX rich, single platform that facilitates messaging, surveys, polls, feedback and helps drive traffic to your website and other online marketing platforms.

IYAM has been designed ground up to meet the needs of organisations and members alike.

Organisations aiming to:

  • Increase membership and improve retention 

  • Increase participation 

  • Improve ROI from all online marketing activities 

Members wanting to contribute, however 

  • Don’t want email overload or long surveys
  • Engage in a way that is convenient to them  

  • Get involved with topics they are passionate about 

  • Want to receive feedback and results from their input

IYAM helps organisations build an ongoing dialogue with their members and increase participation.

  • Simple to implement 

  • Easy to use 

  • Low transparent pricing
  • Branded to promote and represent the organisation’s values
Caledonia Market Research
Telephone Number: +44 (0) 20 85414692 / +44 (0) 7802 816 478

Based in London, we are a small, specialist, full service market research company, providing research insight and strategic direction to professional bodies, trade organisations, charities, academic institutions, publishers and other private sector organisations. Established in 2002, we have an in-depth understanding of membership organisations and the challenges they face. We work closely with our clients to ensure the results of each project provide bespoke, evidence-based insight to shape product, strategy and market development.

We offer a full range of qualitative methodologies (e.g. focus groups, online discussions, face-to-face and telephone/online depth interviews), in addition to competitor profiling, online quantitative survey work and market reviews. Client workshops, knowledge audits, and ideation brainstorms also play an important role in ensuring the research work we conduct is correctly aligned to our clients’ business needs.

Projects we have undertaken for membership organisations have covered research topics such as:

  • Member engagement/satisfaction
  • Idea generation for new products (e.g. e-learning, CPD support)
  • Communications research
  • Brand tracking/awareness
  • Product/qualification development
  • Online content feasibility studies
  • Benchmarking research (e.g. covering member value, satisfaction, expectations, needs)
  • Competitor profiling/design of competitor monitoring frameworks

We take on projects both large and small, and pride ourselves on providing a personal, tailored service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help.