Members are the lifeblood of any membership body, association, society or club – so how do you keep your current members engaged? How can you reach out to potential new recruits and how can you demonstrate enhanced/tangible member value?

Organising live events can help you achieve both.

Inviting experts to speak, offering specialist training, or simply providing a chance for your members to meet and network can provide real added value – and highlight your organisation’s work to outsiders.

Not only that, but events can also represent a potentially valuable revenue stream for membership organisations, allowing them to invest in other projects and increase their impact in other areas.

To find out how associations and membership bodies are approaching events – and to identify potential opportunities being missed – we partnered with Eventbrite to survey 120 association and membership organisation representatives.

We asked about the frequency and type of events they held in the last 12 months, as well as the motivation behind them.

We also looked at the success of their events, from how many people attended and how much money they made, to whether they increased engagement and membership numbers. We also found out how much time and money they had to invest to pull them off.

Do you want to expand and invigorate your membership? Read our research summary report to find out what events could do for your organisation!