Governance Review Service

Has your organisation reviewed its governance arrangements in the last 3 years? Many membership organisations and associations have not completed this critical task. In response we launch a dedicated service to address this.

Governance issues come in many forms and can cause a range of difficulties for your organisation.

So, are your structures and procedures providing optimum support to the board and management team?  Are you best placed to address transformative development projects? Have current systems been an issue recently? Do you suspect there is room for improvement?

Introducing the MemberWise 8 Question Governance Review

What is it and how does the review work?

Our Governance Ambassador will work with your CEO and Chair (or other nominated senior individual) to answer a series of questions which are designed to examine every aspect of how your governance arrangements work.  The resulting discussions will uncover any areas which could be simplified, streamlined or enhanced to move towards excellence in your governance arrangements.

How long will it take and what are the likely outcomes?

The review is designed to take two days to complete.  If the results are good news, then you can carry on giving members the great support they need and deserve.  If the review uncovers some work that should be carried out to re-energise the organisation, then ‘next-steps’ recommendations will provide a clear pathway for possible changes.

The benefits of getting governance right

Great governance will make your organisation stronger, more flexible and more able to face the future with confidence, providing better services for members, reassuring members and staff that the organisation is in the best shape possible to address internal issues and/or external pressures.

Every organisation, whatever its size, needs to know that its governance arrangements will provide support in driving the strategy forward and maintaining up-to-date services for members.  A solid framework will provide all concerned with the confidence to manage and assess risk and make informed decisions.

Why does your organisation need to do it?

It is increasingly recognised that the difficulties organisations can find themselves in (sometimes in a very public way) usually stem from governance which is either non-functioning or lacking in some respect.  The recent publication of The Charity Governance Code has confirmed the advice we have been offering to associations for a long time.  The next few years are likely to put additional strain on all organisations so now is the right time to demonstrate that you have done everything you can to provide strong foundations.

A governing board which understands its role and responsibilities will be able to position and future-proof the organisation by ensuring that it is ready to examine and adopt new ideas and possibilities. In the current climate, that could make a profound difference.

This quick review will identify any governance issues which may be preventing your organisation from being as flexible and robust as it needs to be.

Meet MemberWise Governance Ambassador, Susie Kay

Susie Kay
Susie KayMemberWise Governance Ambassador
Susie has been an advocate of the MemberWise Network since its inception back in 2008 and is responsible for championing professionalism to our 5,000+ members. She has been a supporter since the ‘get-go’!

As our Governance Ambassador Susie champions/quality assures the delivery of the network’s governance and continuing professional development (CPD) related educational activity. She can regularly be found Chairing and delivering related content at our national conferences and events.

As a consultant working within the membership and association sector, working to enhance governance in all organisations, Susie also conducts a number of membership body consultancy/advisory projects on behalf of the network.

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