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The MemberWise Insight Porfolio brings together practical information and advice that will help you in your role as a membership/association professional.

Topics span a wide range of functions (e.g. membership, marketing, CPD, governance and communications) and content is delivered via a number of popular channels (e.g. fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations, Insight videos). You can search via function or use the search option in the top right-hand corner. If you can’t find the information/advice you are looking for please Contact Us.


How to make friends and engage-ienate people (The National Trust)

This member engagement and retention focused keynote was led by Ben Harwood, Digital Marketing Manager (Social and Engagement) at the National Trust – the second largest membership body in the UK that recruits a new member every minute during the Summer months! This video will deliver the following educational learning outcomes: – Establish how the [...]


14 Tricks to Treat Your Members in 2018 (THINK)

This digital focused keynote is presented by Deputy Manging Director, Jackie Scully, from THINK. Jackie communicates 14 great ways to engage your members online in 2018. This presentation was filmed at Digital Excellence 2017. Find out about our growing programme of conferences and events -


How Member Recognistion can be led by Members via Online Social Media (Royal Society of Chemistry)

This Digital Excellence Keynoet is delivered by Gareth Davies (Membership Development and Recruitment Specialist) and Sheena Elliott (Manager - Member Services) and explores online social media success (linked to member recognition) This great Digital Excellence themed keynote video delivers the following educational learning outcomes: – Learn how to plan and deliver a social media campaign [...]


Online Member Engagement Report Launched (in partnership with Higher Logic)

MemberWise research has shown that membership organisations in the UK have a strong interest in increasing online engagement with members. We partner with Official Online Communities Partner, Higher Logic, to deliver a great new research summary report on this emerging topic.  This study shows that this includes an interest to engage members online. Nearly all [...]


Engagement – Understanding – Alignment – Empowerment – Internal Digital Engagement

This inspiratonal presentation is delivered by James Murphy, Director - Global Communications at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and James Scott, Chief Strategy Officer at Netcel. In this great presentation we hear how internal communication was revolutionised via a new intranet tool and a much more collaborative approach. What is unique about this [...]


The Data-Driven Member Portal (Law Society of Scotland)

This inspirational presentation is delivered by Joyti Hull-jurkovic, Director (Zengage) and Justin Henderson, IT Projects and Database Manager at The Law Society of Scotland. In this inspirational presentation the speakers introduce the impact of their new portal that is making great use of member data to provide a more personalised and engaging online member experience. [...]


The Elephant in the Room – Member Engagement

This inspirational presentation was delivered by Richard Gott (MemberWise Chair), Heather Forrester (Managing Director at Research by Design) and Kerrie Fuller (Member Engagement Lead at the Law Society/World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). In this groundbreaking presentation the speakers provide an overview of enabling effective member engagement, defining it, measuring it and [...]


Show Me the Money! How to maximise revenues from multi-platform membership publishing in 2017

In this inspirational presentation, delivered by Ian McAuliffe (CEO of Think), we hear how organisations are monitising activities and utilising the various platforms that are available. Ian provides us with his top ten tips on how to generate non-subscripttion fee income and provides some practical advice on this critical topic. This presentation was delivered at [...]