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The MemberWise Insight Porfolio brings together practical information and advice that will help you in your role as a membership/association professional.

Topics span a wide range of functions (e.g. membership, marketing, CPD, governance and communications) and content is delivered via a number of popular channels (e.g. fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations, Insight videos). You can search via function or use the search option in the top right-hand corner. If you can’t find the information/advice you are looking for please Contact Us.


MemberWise Insight – The Drivers of Change (Sue Froggatt)

In this presentation Sue Froggatt speaks on the drivers for change and the influences that will shape the long term future for membership organisations and associations. She also provides delegates with a framework to articulate thoughts/issues. This Insight was filmed at the MemberWise Network's annual membership best practice conference, Membership Excellence. Find out more - [...]


MemberWise Insight – 10 Key Lessons ABout Membership Communications

This inspiring presentation is led by John Innes, Associate Director, THINK (Official MEMX Supporter). John explores various topic areas focused on membership communications. He questions if members actually value what is provided by membership organisations/associations and investigates what they love and what they can do without. He shares his thoughts on how member content can [...]


MemberWise Insight – Rocket Powering Member Recruitment – The BMA Story

This great presentation is delivered by Richard Sheret, Head of Commercial at the British Medical Association (BMA). Richard outlines how the BMA moved from a marketing led approach to a more sales-driven approach. This critical work required the building of an effective membership sales function and Richard outlines the process. He also takes the opportunity [...]


MemberWise Insight – BASC / Marketing – Reducing Budget & Increasing New Member Acquisition

This presentation is delivered by Sandra Loton-Jones, Head of Commercial at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). Sandra outlines how her organisation delivered a 30% reduction in marketing budget and increased membership figures by 9,000 paying members. She also outlines how BASC understands members want/needs and how to feed demand. Sandra identifies what [...]


MemberWise Insight: Membership Publications of Tomorrow (Law Society / Abacus e-Media

This presentation is delivered by Ian Eckert, Managing Director (Audience Development) at Abacus e-Media (MEMX 2016 Official Sponsor). This inspirational presentation provides an overview of the process of enhancing member engagement and delivering targeted content/member benefits. Ian outlines the importance of having the right tools/platforms in place and the internal process re-engineering to ensure membership [...]


MemberWise Insight – Member Engagement Optimisation (Association of Accounting Technicians)

This inspirational presentation is delivered by Paul James, Membership Engagement Manager, Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). Paul provides you with a working definition of membership engagement and outlines the approaches available to measure member engagement. He outlines how the AAT seeks to turn engagement measures to practical use and provides great insight. This presentation was [...]


MemberWise Insight – Communicating Challenging Messages to Members (RSS/Optimist Consulting)

This inspirational presentation was delivered by Nicola Emmerson, Director of Membership and Professinoal Affairs, Royal Statistical Society and Abby Wright-Parkes, Consultant, Optimist Consulting. Nicola and Abby outline how the RSS developed a challenging message campaign and identify the key success factors for a successful campaign. They also provide viewers with practical tips for your next [...]


Emotions V Transactions – What happened when RCGP decided to focus on membership experience

This inspirational presentation is delivered by James Roberts, Membership Experience Manager at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). James outlines the opportunities and pitfalls in changing culture to accommodate a focus on member exprience. He identifies the main challenges and outlines provides the audience with the opportunity to discuss how to prioritise their first [...]


Member Engagement Insight (Royal College of Physicians) – Laura Fleming, Head of Membership

In this Insight we interview Laura on the sector's key goal in 2016 (member engagement) and how this is being optimised at the Royal College of Phsyicians (RCP). At the start of the interview Laura was asked if an evolutionary or a revolutionary approach was required and she firmly advises that she is in 'revolution [...]