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The MemberWise Insight Porfolio brings together practical information and advice that will help you in your role as a membership/association professional.

Topics span a wide range of functions (e.g. membership, marketing, CPD, governance and communications) and content is delivered via a number of popular channels (e.g. fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations, Insight videos). You can search via function or use the search option in the top right-hand corner. If you can’t find the information/advice you are looking for please Contact Us.


7 Habits of an Effective CPD Professional

This presentation was created and delivered at a number of national conferences/events by MemberWise Network Founder, Richard Gott. It contains a definition of what CPD is, scheme types/options, an overiew of how CPD has evolved over the past 20 years and top tips (and case studies) showing how effective schemes can deliver great results! The [...]