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Natalie Eastwood – VP, Subscription Retail & Digital Services, Europe

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Digital transformation might sound like the kind of buzzword you hear at conferences and see in industry newsletters, but it’s much more significant than that. The best way to think about it would be to make it more of a business transformation but powered by the latest digital tools and services.

Every organisation needs digital transformation in one way or another. This guide aims to help you utilise the opportunities that it can bring and how effective use of technology can make your life simpler, automate difficult processes and increase your members’ lifetime value.

Incentivisation should be a part of your overall strategy, not only for recruiting new members, but also as a way of providing value to existing members so they stay with you, share your messages and become a recruiter of new members through brand advocacy.

Examples of ways that technology can incentivise your members:

  • Promotional Codes
  • Trial Periods
  • Complimentary Upgrades
  • Exclusive Members-Only Content
  • Bundled Packages
  • Free Gifts & Reward Points
  • Discounts
  • Early Access
  • Competitions

Once a prospective member reaches your sign-up page you need it to not only convert them into a member but also set them up with a membership package that meets their needs and expectations. You will find at this stage you will have the optimum level of engagement, so we would strongly advise using this as an opportunity to learn more about your member and collect data which in turn can help you offer them the right membership package. Try being more upfront with your data collection tactics and use every interaction as an opportunity to get to know your members. See this as a gradual process, after all you don’t go on a first date and ask someone their life story! Over time you can build robust profiles by asking simple questions.

When you have data, this enables you to adopt new technologies such as AI to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. By understanding how each member acts at an event, what stands they visit or which workshops they attend, AI can then begin to learn about them and recommend a personalised agenda for the next event. You can also begin to recommend content based on what articles, research papers and videos members have engaged with the most. This could be by subject, skill level or author; the possibilities are endless.

A key aspect of digital transformation is to reduce friction to make it easier and faster for members to sign up, sign in, pay and play. The design of your front-end and integration into your back-end systems can make or break your organisation. 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less with 40% abandoning completely if it hasn’t loaded after just 3 seconds. The architecture, design and UX on your website and other digital platforms are therefore crucial.

When it comes to signing in, social sign-on options help speed things up, making the process of becoming a member that little bit easier. Social login is a form of single sign-on using existing information from a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, to sign into a third-party website instead of creating a new login account specifically for that website.

Utilising e-wallets to securely retain your members’ card details saves them the hassle of having to input them each time they make a payment for something. Once tokenised another effective method for reducing friction is to give your members the option to have one click payments. You can also obtain recurring fees from the customer and provide them with several different payment options.

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