The MemberWise Network aims to provide association and membership professionals with practical information and advice and networking opportunities. One way this is being achieved is through MemberWise seminars. These free events enable targeted learning and insight and are linked to the core capabilities of leading sector providers and  interest of membership organisations who can take on a role of a host.

On the 1st of October in the late afternoon a free MemberWise seminar for association and membership professionals will take place at the premises of the British Society for Haematology (BSH) in London. The seminar  will be PR and media focused; exploring how smaller membership organisations can punch above their weight and have their voices heard.

Katy Amberley, Operations Manager at BSH and our host, says: “I am delighted that the BSH is hosting this event and I am expecting to learn a lot myself! I am  pleased with the rate of interest in this event – it is now fully booked and I look forward to welcoming attendees at BSH premises on the day. At BSH we have no staff member with expertise in media relations so we handle press queries on an ad hoc basis. It will be useful to get some tips on how a small office like ours can, nevertheless, make the most of its resources and its team members handle such queries to the best of their ability. I am also hoping to pick up tips from the speaker and other delegates on how to use social media.  This is a fairly new area for us, although we have made real progress in the past year. We are now focusing on how to build on that progress as part of our new communications strategy.”

Ann Wright, our speaker and a media trainer with more than 25 years’ experience working with the media (from both sides of the fence) and co-founder of Rough House Media, explains:  

“Newspapers, TV, radio and the internet can all really help raise your profile; with the right media strategy, you will increase the influence of your sector and help your members achieve their aims.

Larger organisations have the resources to focus on communications and PR, but there is no reason why every membership organisation shouldn’t get good coverage by newspapers, TV and online media.

Before you even consider contacting the media to see if they’re interested your expertise, your views or your campaigns, however, you need to have laid the groundwork and established a realistic media strategy.

Source: Canva

This is best done with PR experts to help you identify stories and the newspapers, journals or broadcasters who might be interested in them – and who can provide a realistic assessment of how to make your strategy succeed.

However, it is perfectly possible to do it yourself, and at the event, Punching above weight, raising the profile of a small membership body, I’ll be taking delegates through the steps they need to do that. “

 Contact for Ann: [email protected]

Rough House Media equips clients with confidence in how they manage the media, providing training courses, strategic advice and video production. All her courses are informed by her decades of experience as a print journalist and TV producer working on high-profile and prestigious BBC programmes. She runs courses on media relations, press release writing and PR for the Public Relations Consultants Association, the Chemical Industries Association and the How to Academy. 


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