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We would like to share with you a case study on how we helped The Fostering Network increase their membership purchases by over 58%!

Whenever we design a website for a membership organisation, we work top down – Considering the organisation’s strategic goals and needs, where they currently are with their website in terms of membership features and where they’d like to get to.

Increasing member registration is often a concern, as is creating value for existing members (to assist in member satisfaction and retention).  Thinking about these issues, deciding on a strategy and mapping out the website’s user experience before beginning the design and build process is imperative to creating an effective website that gets results.  This is what we love to do.

The Project

The Fostering Network came to us because they wanted to increase the functionality and flexibility of their website, provide more value behind their membership offer, improve their donation funnel and evolve the personalisation of the member access zone. In order to do this, we had to create a new design and build which would be more suitable to showcasing their work, recruiting and engaging members and fundraising online.

Focussing on the Members and their Needs

Firstly, we had to understand the organisation’s needs, and then decide on the appropriate digital strategy.  Then, focussing on the end user, we set out to create an experience that would engage and retain them on the site, and effectively lead them where we wanted them to go.

For instance, we implemented a solution similar to Google and Amazon’s, whereby the website ‘learns’ the member’s preferences and displays information accordingly. This means the site presents personalised data for each member, based on their preferences & previous site usage.  Members who are logged in to the site can assist the site in learning their preference by indicating their fields of interest, but over time the website will display increasingly relevant information based on their past activity as well.

We tailored the user journey to create an engaging, ongoing experience.  When a member reads an article or blog and reaches the end, similar types of content show up as ‘suggestions’ of what to read next, creating an endless loop of personalised content for the member to submerge themselves in.  Related content is ever present on the site so that members always have something to click on next, and the user journey is a seamless stream of interesting and relevant information.  This has had a significant impact on the pages per session ratio, which increased by 12.49%.

Merging Online and Offline

The Fostering Network publishes a prestigious printed magazine and we were keen on giving it the attention it deserves online as well.  We replaced the PDF download version with a fully digital, glossy, customised version of the magazine, where you can even turn the pages.  This kind of experience can upgrade the member’s enjoyment of the site and keep them coming back to view future editions.  The full publication is open only to members who are logged in, but visitors to the site can view snippets and enjoy the media library version.  This is another way to give potential members a taste of what they could receive with full membership.

User Experience – Ticking the boxes

When creating a digital experience, it is important not to overlook the basics – No matter how great your user experience and how many options you offer on your site, users will not be tolerant of a site that is slow to load or not mobile-friendly (responsive).  The Fostering Network’s new site, built in Drupal, has a much faster load time (average page load time decreased by 44.72%) which assisted in conversions. It also features an improved site structure which is easy to navigate, and aimed at leading users effectively to the right place.  The new site’s optimised navigation assisted in increasing traffic to the member login page as the first interaction by 38%.

Most membership organisations have a wealth of data and information that can be used online to the benefit of their members.  Creating a personalised, enjoyable online experience can increase member satisfaction and retention, as well as increase member registration.  If planned and executed correctly, your membership organisation’s website can be a great tool in achieving these goals.

 is a full service web design and development agency with over 15 years of experience working with membership organisations and across the third sector.  They specialise in creating bespoke digital solutions with a focus on user experience and complex system integration. They are also a Memberwise Recognised Supplier.





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