Perfect Membership Scheme (2017)2017-04-01T14:11:14+00:00

Introducing the relaunch of our most popular advice sheet, The Perfect Membership Scheme. This resource has been downloaded over 4,000 times since launch and is widely recognised as the leading membership scheme focused best practice guides ever published.

The Perfect Membership Scheme contains practical help and advice on the critical topic of effective membership scheme planning, delivery and review. Key sections in this guide include:

  • Does the perfect membership scheme exist?
  • The main membership scheme models – fix or roll?
  • Critical variables to consider
  • Moving from fixed to rolling
  • Moving from rolling to fixed
  • Further advice for running your renewals process
  • Membership renewals – our top 10 tips
  • 16 new and emerging membership scheme models
  • Sample Renewals Calendar
  • 44 Temperature Check Questions

Why trust this content? The content was quality assured by membership professionals working for leading organisations including the British Veterinary Association, Institute of Physics, Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn and Royal College of General Practitioners.

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