Sector Research that is making a REAL Difference

The MemberWise Network is widely recognised as one of the leading providers of practical membership and association focused research within the sector. This critical work is conducted via three key strands of work:

– Membership Sector wide research, evaluation, and recommendations
– Membership organisation and association specific research, evaluation and recommendations
– Membership Sector provider/supplier insight

Our approach is direct and provides membership organisations and associations with unique insight:

– We deliver a clear, concise and statistically significant view of current and future horizon
– We provide practical outcome focused recommendations that will enable informed actions/decisions to be made
– We establish sector trends & investigate new, emerging and significant areas of potential development/growth
– We provide short summary reports to enable development, growth and change

This insight is then turned into actionable and function-specific activity that delivers:

– Increased member recruitment
– Optimised member retention
– Enhanced member value
– Deeper member engagement
– Increased development/growth