How are associations harnessing the web? What are the sector’s key digital goals and challenges? This year we may have reached a tipping point and perhaps it is time to stop sleepwalking…

This year 357 association and membership professionals took part in coverour statistically significant research which provides unique insight into how the association and membership sector harnesses the web.

Our research summary report (Sponsored by ASI Europe) is now available to download and it contains the latest sector digital trends that will prove a great asset if you wish to benchmark and/or are writing proposals/business cases for digital change/transformation. We hope you find it useful!

The report contains digital insight into the following key areas:


– The BIG Picture – Current and Future Goals / Challenges
– Functionality of Websites
– Website Expectations & Functionality
– Content Management Systems (CMS) & Analytics
– CRM and Integration
– Email Marketing
– Social Media
– Response Profile
– Conclusions & Recommendations

Over the coming weeks we will deliver articles and more on the key findings of the report and provide practical/real ideas/solutions on how we can address the key goals and challenges identified.

If you would like to get involved let me know!

For me one of the key ‘take aways’ is that we may have reached a tipping point from an online and offline member engagement perspective.

Although not yet statistically significant, we (membership and association professionals) now see enhancing member engagement as potentially more important than new member recruitment. This is a sector “first” as in the four years we have published these findings new member acquisition has always featured as No 1!

“Perhaps our infatuation with new member acquisition is slowing and the ‘sleepwalking’ will stop? The key question is what we do next to improve and enhance member engagement…”

I’m seeing first hand (as I am sure you are) all sorts of ‘silly’ half-baked one-off event and consultancy driven ‘engagement enhancement and measurement solutions’ emerging. Yawn.

Without exception – Not one of the solutions goes deep enough for the requirements of me and the membership body I currently work for.

It’s time we nailed this from the inside, so I am working with leading membership and association professionals who are conducting new and emerging ‘deep dive’ work in this area.

If you would like to get involved please do get in touch!


Harnessing the Web – The Report (2016)
Harnessing the Web – The Info Graphic (2016)
Harnessing the Web – The Conference (2016)

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