The MemberWise Network organises regular best practice seminars in response to membership professionals changing needs. A growing number of MemberWise Recognised Suppliers are now partnering with the Network to deliver these popular seminars, that on average attract 26 senior influencers and decision makers.

What is a Best Practice Seminar?

Each of our popular best practice seminars focus in on a key member facing topic area that is linked to the partner’s solution. Content is 100% educational and provides delegates with an opportunity to understand the topic area better and network with like minded professionals focusing on the same issues and challenges.

Each half-day seminar is held in Central London and content features rich network insight, thought provoking supplier-led thought-leadership and peer-to-peer best-practice case studies that inspire and enthuse whilst bringing the topic area to life.

The MemberWise Network has over 30 years combined member focused experience and so we work in partnership with Recognised Suppliers to create a targeted and content rich agenda that will on average attract up to 26+ senior influencers and decision makers to each seminar.

Recent seminar partners include: ASI Europe, Silverbear, Cantarus, Fonteva, Results Direct Mobile, smartimpact and Advanced Direct Mail.

How do they work?

Typically seminars contain up to 3 or 4 educational sessions. Each is delivered by a subject expert and provides delegates with a rich and targeted learning opportunity. Each seminar starts with sector insight (delivered by the Network) and further sessions look into the topic area more deeply. The seminars usually feature a case study of a membership body (typically a client of the partner) and an Expert Question and Answer session.

Each seminar delivers between 8 and 12 educational learning objectives. This ensures delegates receive targeted value that will enable them to return to the office and change or develop at least one member focused activity. As a leading solution provider, best practice seminars enable unique visibility and ensure you are front-of-mind during the horizon search and selection process.

Forthcoming Best Practice Seminars

10 Reasons You Should Partner with Us for a Best Practice Seminar

1) You’ll engage with, on average, 26 key influencers/senior decision makers per seminar. We limit each event to a maximum of 40 registrants to ensure the event is truly interactive. We’ll also have a waiting list in operation to ensure you maximise numbers.

2) 93% of our delegates rate our seminars as excellent. Engaged and interested delegates are more likely to listen and engage with your organisation.

3) If your objective to increase brand awareness with a targeted audience this is a great channel to build long term trust and exposure to a sector that tends to retain staff throughout their careers.

4) It is helpful to sometimes nudge potential clients through the procurement pipeline. You can educate your prospective clients in how to set up an effective procurement process which in turn, helps you to sell your product or service.

5) You can use the seminars to cross-sell or up sell other products and services to your existing clients. Allowing your clients to network and see the tangible member focused value they get in working with you. This activity is likely to pay dividends.

6) You can create specific entry criteria for delegates to your seminar such as having a minimum number of members or annual turnover level. We’ll make sure the people in the room meet your specific criteria.

7) You’ll receive targeted delegate data as well as the opportunity to ask three questions during the online registration process.

8) You get exposure within the MemberWise Network via our popular marketing and communications channels including the event section of our website, MemberWise Connect, Twitter Feed, LinkedIn profiles, a designated e-shot and dedicated events listing in monthly newsletter.

9) Delegate engagement is at our very heart but we don’t mess about. We (or you) start with pre-event engagement by calling registrants to start off the conversation. We charge a strict ‘no-show’ penalty fee that ensures high attendance levels and we (or you) can follow up  post-event with seminar slides and one-to-one post event meetings.

10) We’ll make personalised introductions to key delegates who have registered. You’ll make a great first impression.

Don’t take our word for it…

MemberWise does great work showcasing the benefits membership organisations can realise by investing in digital capabilities through their Digital Excellence report and the Digital Excellence conference. ASI is also pleased to work alongside the network on its MemberWise Best Practice Seminar Series, supporting organisations with best practice insights and horizon-scanning for technology investments.

ASI Europe

The MemberWise Best Practice Seminar Series that Silverbear have been fortunate enough to be involved in have proven every-time to be a fantastic learning opportunity for the organisations who have attended. The ability for each attendee to engage with other organisations and like-minded people on their own digital transformation journeys, whilst being able to learn from best-in-class advisors and, importantly, hear from other organisations who have progressed to stages beyond those of their own, is truly providing guidance and knowledge to the sector as a whole. For this, Silverbear will continue to be engaged in these events whereve