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Pedalo Web Design is pleased to announce the publication of their new report today on the state of user experience on Membership sites.

This report, written in association with the MemberWise Network, explores different aspects of user experience relating specifically to membership organisations and how they are currently being implemented on some of the larger membership and association bodies in the UK.

The report highlights in detail which aspects of user experience are faring well in the sector and which still need to be addressed, providing an indication as to where the organisations are currently focusing their efforts.

To create this report, a variety of association and membership websites were sampled and benchmarked against a list of criteria relating to online member recruitment, engagement and retention, as well as some more general aspects of online user experience.

These organisations included The British Veterinary Association, The Museums Association,  The Chartered Society of Designers, The Chartered Management Institute, The Chartered Institute of Marketing and The Chartered Institute of Building amongst others.

The data collected was then summarised and refined to extract insights into the current situation of the sector online.  The full report includes explanations of best practice, examples and screenshots of how the websites analysed performed on the different criteria, as well as a full table of results.

It is available for download on the Pedalo website.



Pedalo is a MemberWise Recognised Supplier. You can find out more here



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