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Daragh Everett, Client Support Specialist


Small tweaks to your membership subscription payment pages can lead to big results – especially in the world of mobile. 

In a global population of seven billion, over three billion people are active internet users and 52.2 per cent of people visiting a website now do so via a mobile device. Narrowing that down to the UK, smartphones have become “the hub of our daily lives”, according to Ofcom, and are now in the pockets of 76% of UK adults. More people are online, across more devices and it’s vital that membership organisations capitalise.

However, although many organisations use online payment pages, these are sometimes hard to find or the user experience is overlooked. So, what can you do to optimise your pages?

Make it look and feel like yours

Your online membership payment pages should look and feel like part of your website. Members want to feel engaged with your organisation and should experience a seamless payment journey. If they’re pushed to a separately hosted page to make their payment that doesn’t resemble your branding, and then redirected back to your website, this can feel clunky, awkward and outdated. However you manage your members’ payments journey, make sure that your website enables online payments through a trusted and secure payment facility.

Too many cooks

Try to make sure there aren’t more people involved in the creation of your membership payment pages than necessary – there’s always time to invite others to input when testing later on. Be clear from the start who is doing what – strategy, code, design, copy, etc.

Understanding your membership

While it might not always be possible, integrating data from your subscription payments pages with your CRM or AMS databases will give you a fuller understanding of your membership. Having a single view of each member, their subscription status, event attendance and so on, will enable you to automate certain communications, saving you valuable time whilst giving you the freedom to focus on other activities.

Don’t dilute the message

You may have a digital agency or in-house resource with code experience, allowing you to tailor your payment forms with all sorts of other exciting information and alerts. But, be sure to avoid adding too much or including distractions at the point when you need your members to focus on completing their membership.

Where does my money go?

For some organisations, it’s easy to say what their membership fees will pay for. For others, it’s not so simple. An option is to offer potential members with a range of possible options, giving people a choice of membership levels. While this may build member engagement, it can also help you find out about your audience and their preferences – it also provides an opportunity to continue the dialogue in the future.

Security and accuracy

Members trust your organisation to handle their money and data professionally and securely. Make sure your website incorporates an address-finder function and a validation service to check member bank details at point of sign-up. Avoiding errors is critical to building trust with new members and making the sign-up process quick and efficient.

Keep it simple

Adding custom questions to membership payments form can be useful, but some get a bit carried away and ask for information they aren’t ever going to use. It’s important to make your payment form clean and simple, making the subscription process easier and faster for the member.

Think smart… phone!

It’s vital to make, review and test your mobile-optimised pages so your members have the best possible experience via a phone or tablet. What can be added, removed or simplified?

‘Get social’ – sometimes

Even if they’ve arrived via a social link, don’t let people be distracted by Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn before they’ve set up their membership. Wait until the confirmation page and then encourage your members to share what they’ve done with other people.

Remain focused on what works

It’s good to see what’s out there, but don’t be fooled. Just because something is working for one organisation, it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Be sure you properly consider all of your membership payment page elements, from social share, messaging, look and feel, to thank-you emails.

Testing, testing

Testing is a crucial part of the process. No stone should be left unturned and no link unclicked. Read all copy and get fresh eyes to look at the entire journey. It’s important to get the data team involved at this point – there’s no point in capturing data if it’s not collected and managed properly.

Rapidata supports membership organisations with the speedy collection and processing of Direct Debits to maximise income. With over 20 years’ experience in the payments industry and combined with our innovative use of technology, they have become one of the leading Direct Debit specialists in the UK. They are a BACS approved bureau and hold accreditations in ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 27001 for Information Security Management and ISO 22301 for Business Continuity Management.

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