What exactly is ‘digital transformation’ and why should an organisation be doing it?

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Article by Guest Blogger: Jenny McTiernan COO of ProTech Digital transformation, like any other kind of business transformation should be seen as the integration of people, processes and technology to achieve improvements in customer satisfaction, engagement and overall cost effectiveness. As with any change digital transformation should be embedded within, and be broadly supportive of [...]

Recruiting e-learning professionals: trends, tips and typical salaries

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Author: Samantha Johnston, Consultant for TPP Education & Training.  There’s currently a big focus on e-learning and e-assessment in membership bodies. Not only does an online education platform mean that an organisation is more “up to date”, it also directly results in increased revenue and student numbers, as it means that distance learning both nationally and [...]

Recruitment Trends in the Membership Sector

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Author: Kristina Preston, Senior Consultant, TPP Education & Training,  at TPP Recruitment, the charity recruitment specialists. Sourcing candidates from outside the sector The big story in the membership sector over the last few years has been the rise of digital and how organisations have had to evolve to meet their members’ changing expectations. Members want [...]

Membership Sector’s Top 20 Uses of the Web…

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What are the top 20 membership sector uses of the web? How are we driving up member recruitment and retention via the web? What has changed since 2013 – In this Blog article we find out! This year we published our second annual survey summary report (sponsored by ASI Europe) on how the membership sector [...]

5 social media trends for 2014 that membership bodies should take note of

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As we head into 2014, a look at what social media trends membership organisations should be aware of: 1) Content continues to reign as king 2013 saw the rise of content marketing. There are more social media channels to distribute information through than ever and increased ways to engage with your audience. Good quality shareable [...]