If you’re undertaking a digital transformation programme, the focus should be on the ‘transformation’ not the ‘digital’. Digital transformation isn’t ultimately about technology, it’s about people.

Transformation fundamentally means change. And change is hard.

If you don’t create a culture that supports and enables a positive change for your teams, all stakeholders (including members) will be negatively impacted. And you will waste a lot of time and budget.

This event will explore different change management approaches and provide practical advice on how to create an internal mindset that will ensure the success of your digital transformation – no matter how big or small the project. This will include:

  • Exploring the change management strategies that work best for membership organisations
  • A client case study and lessons learnt
  • How to ensure your change approach supports your digital transformation programme
  • Easily applied and practical techniques for creating positive adoption of new digital tools and ways of working.

Who should attend this event:

This event is designed to support Directors, Heads and Managers involved in all or part of their membership organisation’s digital transformation. If you are responsible for your CRM, website or both, this event will help you consider your approach more strategically. Whether you’re looking for a new technology platform or seeking a better way to optimise what you have, this event will help you implement an effective change management programme.

Please note: This event is for membership organisations of over 10,000 individual members or 250+ corporate members.

30th January 2020 / 3 Carlton House Terrace / London


09:00 Registration, Networking & Refreshments

09:25 Welcome and Introductions

09:30 Memberwise Sets the Scene (Richard Gott, MemberWise)

10.00 Transformations are Hard, and Digital Ones are Harder.* (Alan Perestrello & Gavin Pollock, Co-founders and Directors, Trillium)   * McKinsey & company survey 2018

Over 70% of organisational transformations fail and digital transformations are even more difficult.  Change is hard. Recognising this and creating a change management strategy to complement your digital transformation is fundamental to the success of your programme, however large or small.

  • What does good change management for membership organisations look like?
  • How to begin – aligning digital transformation objectives
  • Diagnosing individual and organisational resistance to change
  • Resourcing change management

10.30 It’s Not That People Resist Change, It’s That They Resist Being Changed.* (David Spector, Head of Strategy, Trillium)

Using ‘David’s Eight Ates’ we’ll guide you through the practical steps to implementing your change:

The Eight Ates

  • Demonstrate – show the benefits of change
  • Motivate – encourage and excite
  • Facilitate – provide the resources, tools and access that reduce friction
  • Educate – teach people what has changed and how to navigate the new
  • Fractionate – break large change into smaller achievable steps
  • Accelerate (don’t procrastinate) – once the decision is made to change, start the process sooner rather than later
  • Iterate – review and refine, based on experience
  • Communicate – perhaps the most important, communicate clearly, honestly and often

*Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline

11.00 Networking and Refreshments

11.15 Membership Body Case Study: Change Management Journey

Our client will share how they:

  • Selected the right partner to support them throughout their programme
  • Managed change within the organisation to harness the benefits of improved CRM and website platforms
  • Leveraged change to in transform the delivery of digital services, from membership management through to the delivery of an improved and personalised member experience
  • Maintained project momentum to deliver quick results and engage all stakeholders

12.00 Round table discussion to share experiences and address key questions

12.15 Q&A Session

12:30 Networking LUNCH

13:30 CLOSE

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session, attendees should have a clear idea of how to begin to:

  • Identify and plan the best strategic approach for long-term success
  • Adopt the right mind set for successful change and digital transformation
  • Optimise your budget, internal skill sets and resources
  • Get internal and member buy in for your digital transformation change programme
  • Adopt an approach to communication that inspires, motivates and fosters trust
  • Break down a change programme into achievable steps

Your Seminar Speakers

Richard Gott
Richard GottMembership Expert & Sector Thought-Leader
Richard is widely known as one of the leading membership and association sector thought leaders in the UK and is Chair of the MemberWise Network.He has worked at a senior leadership level for leading organisations including the Royal College of Psychiatrists, The Law Society, Royal College of General Practitioners, College of Optometirsts, Chartererd Institute of Educational Assessors and the British Dental Association.Richard provides advisory services to large number of leading associations and is Chair of the CPD Standards Office Independent Expert Advisory Board He also champions the professionalisation of the association and membership sector.