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We’re pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new project (in partnership with Silverbear & Cantarus) that will help you to provide enhanced value to your members in 2018 and beyond.

The result will be significant improvements in member engagement, participation and growth – an area we must, as a sector, ensure is ‘rocket powered’ by 2025.

Earlier this year we established that optimising member engagement was our biggest goal. In direct response we created a structured process for associations to adopt. This was delivered via our new  Member Engagement Hub (visited over 10,000 times this year), Member Engagement Bootcamps (attended by 50+ membership and association professionals) and our popular Member Engagement Toolkit (downloaded an incredible 9,700 times).

In 2018 we will develop our focus on how to provide more targeted and enhanced value to your members – One of the key drivers enabling the optimisation of member experience, engagement, participation and growth. This focus is in response to our 2025 deadline (when Millennials will take over from Generation X as the prominant generation on Planet Earth). Think ‘Whats In It For Me?’ and you will know where we are headed!

The output of this project will be a downloadable resource that will provide you information and advice on how to take a more structured approach to providing enhanced member value. The resource will be quality assured by a group of 40+ membership organisations and associations to ensure it is both accurate and future-proof.

The resource will be launched on 25th April at the network’s forthcoming national membership best practice conference, Membership Excellence 2018.

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