Introducing MemberWise Verified Case Studies.

Each of our thought leadership focused case studies provides a short overview of how a membership organisation/association has successfully addressed a specific member focused challenge/project and is formally verified by the MemberWise Network.

Most importantly each case study has actually delivered great/demonstrable results that have driven member value, engagement and growth. The insight gained from these case studies will provide practical inspiration/solutions to deliever similar great results for your organisation.

Latest Verified Case Study

Creating Member Value and SEO Results through Online Engagement – The MemberWise Network’s Online Community, MemberWise Connect, was utilised to crowd source information of high value. Upon web publication, the resulting knowledge was recognised as the leading content on the topic by Google, and quickly became the most visited and best ranked webpage of the membership body’s entire web estate.

In this first MemberWise Verified Case Study we explore the challenge, the strategy and how the network executed the project. We also explore the positive outcomes, results, conclusion and key takeaways. This should enable you to consider delivering a similar project.

Download via MemberWise Connect

Could you be our next Verified Case Study?

We welcome expressions of interest from membership organisations, associations and sector suppliers who would like to work in partnership with us to publish the next MemberWise Verified Case Study.

The criteria we set is that a positive member focused outcome has been delivered via a specific activity, project or product/service.

For more information on how you can become our next MemberWise Verified Case Study please ‘Contact Us’.