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The MemberWise Network is dedicated to promoting value and good business practice advice to membership organisations and associations in the UK and overseas. This is achieved via our website, regular publications, online professional networking groups, online social media presence, conferences/events/seminars, vacancy service and in association with our growing list of MemberWise Recognised Suppliers.
1) Promote good practice information and advice to the membership and association sector
2) Provide information about reputable product and service providers, and negotiate offers
3) Run themed conferences and events linked to good-practice related themes
4) Enable membership organisations and association representatives to network online
By effectively working towards the above we enable membership and association professionals to:

– Increase internal efficiency and effectiveness
– Enhance value proposition to aid recruitment
– Improve membership retention levels
– Increase member/donor recruitment potential

So what makes our network different? Our subscribers tell us it is because the network has enabled the formation of a thriving professional community. A community that is fully inclusive (by including membership and association professionals, sector experts, influencers, thought leaders and providers) and although we take our work seriously we know how to have fun at the same time!

The MemberWise Network is both unique and different. It is an independent professional network that provides practical help and support to over 5,000+ membership organisation and association professionals based in the UK and overseas.

Our network differentiates itself as it is owned and run by practising association/membership professionals and is seen by many as a thriving professional community. Best practise content is generated by the community and this ensures it is timely, current, targeted and robust. All activity contributes (directly and indirectly) towards the delivery of the following positive outcomes:

  • Increased New Member Recruitment
  • Improved Existing Member Retention
  • Optimised Member Engagement
  • Enhanced Member Value and Growth
  • Sustainable Long Term Development/Growth

Advice is communicated in various formats online via the Insight section of our website and offline (via our programme of popular free seminars and national conferences.

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