What is a Royal Charter? Why would you want one? What are the criteria?

Many years ago the only way to publicly incorporate a body was by way of a Royal Charter. Today, there are a significant number of active chartered organisations and some organisations still consider it worthwhile to seek a Royal Charter.

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to consider petitioning for a Royal Charter, including:

  • Recognition of professional expertise
  • Increased public confidence and awareness
  • Strengthen the organisation/brand
  • Create aspiration

The granting of a Royal Charter is reserved for eminent professional bodies or charities which have a solid record of achievement and are financially sound. In the case of professional bodies, they should represent a field of activity which is unique and not covered by other professional bodies.

We can help you to understand the benefits and give an in-depth knowledge to help you consider the position of your organisation.

Getting you started on the journey

Just where do you start?

There is much to consider, such as:

  • Ensuring your members are behind the move
  • Your organisation’s governance
  • Research and consultation
  • Dealing with the Privy Council Office
  • Charter and Byelaws

In addition, there are a host of other matters which need to be considered if you are to be successful.

Knowing where to start and the order in which to proceed will help determine whether your journey is successful.

You are unlikely to possess in-house knowledge of the Royal Charter process. We can offer guidance, experience and insight to steer you through the process.

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Already on the journey

So you have already started the journey but need help?

You may have already embarked on the journey to petition for a Royal Charter which can be a long and costly process. To fail at the final stage due to an error or omission, would not only be frustrating but also embarrassing and could be a risk to your reputation. Imagine one of the following scenarios:

  • Failure to follow Privy Council procedures/protocols
  • Objections from your members
  • Challenge from another organisation

These are just a few examples but any of these could be a reason for not being successful.

We can help quality assure your actions to date and ensure that not only what you have done is in order, but also identify any oversights and additional actions required to minimise the risk of failure.

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