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There are major similarities between the different types of membership organisations and associations we all work for, however there are also some differences. That’s why we have created our member grid and outlined the benefits of membership below. It explains why you should consider joining and/or renewing.

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Professional bodies form a quarter of the MemberWise Network. Professional bodies are aimed at individuals who work in a particular profession or job role and their fundamental aim is to support, up-skill and promote that profession. Most are registered charities but have multiple income streams and require a commercial strategy to operate effectively.

Professional bodies face many challenges. If the profession in question is one that people tend to do for a lifetime, such as a Doctor, then there is a challenge in supporting members throughout their career, tailoring the offer to meet their needs at each stage. Most professional bodies struggle to recruit younger members, hence the creation of student membership, but there are still issues with retaining them in the long term.

Many professions are in long term decline or face substantial threats such as globalisation and technology; professional bodies need to support their members in the face of unpalatable truths. Yet, they rely on their membership fees to operate and so cannot risk alienating its membership with unpopular campaigns or views. Many see it as a key responsibility to lobby Government but this can be a difficult membership benefit to articulate value.

We understand the challenges of working within a Professional Body – the challenges of recruiting new members within a younger demographic, retaining current members against a demanding CPD requirement and increasing member engagement such as event attendance and voting at AGMs. Join the MemberWise Network today and find out how we can support you throughout your membership career.

We are working hard to increase the resources provided to members of staff working for professional bodies, so if you would like to make a recommendation and/or express an interest at speaking at one of our conferences or events please Contact Us.

We have outlined our growing list of benefits below, however the following are specifically relevant to members of staff working for professional bodies:

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Trade Associations (TAs) make up half the MemberWise Network. We categorise trade associations as any organisation that represents a trade or industry rather than the individuals within a trade or industry (professional body). This means that members of trade associations can be individuals as well as organisations – they serve multiple stakeholders including employers, suppliers and supporters of the trade/industry.

Trade Associations can therefore be tiny in size as well as huge – it depends on the industry in question. Regardless of size, their fundamental objective is to represent and promote a particular trade or industry, particularly to Government and other stakeholders. They will also work closely with sector skills councils, qualification bodies and regulatory bodies to ensure training and development is fit for purpose.

Because of their varied remit, TAs experience many challenges. A trade or industry in decline or threatened in some way creates a need for TAs to support their members effectively through this change. Because members represent a variety of stakeholders, TAs may have to balance conflicting needs and opinions between its own member groups.

We understand the challenges of working within the Trade Association space – the challenges of recruiting new members against a need to attract a younger demographic, retaining current members against a challenging and varied Member Value Proposition and increasing member engagement such as event attendance and voting at AGMs. Join the MemberWise Network today and find out how we can support you throughout your membership career.

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Consumer Bodies are best described as organisations that have a membership scheme that revolves around a social activity such as Girl Guiding, a leisure activity such as Caravanning or a non-work interest such as History.

Many of these organisations will have multiple income streams alongside membership but have a charitable aim at their heart, namely to maintain and secure the future for a movement or social cause or leisure activity. Members are individuals that have an interest in the activity or take part themselves and the fee is essentially a donation towards the cause in exchange for basic membership benefits.

We understand the challenges of working within Consumer Bodies – the challenges of recruiting new members against in busy and varied marketplace for social interests and activities, retaining current members against the challenge of changes in lifestyle and increasing member engagement such as member up-spend and event attendance. Join the MemberWise Network today and find out how we can support you throughout your membership career.

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Unions have the primary aim of representing their members, usually within a particular trade or sector. This segment also includes the National Union of Students (NUS).

Trade unions are reporting their lowest membership levels in decades and many are struggling to recruit n