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The MemberWise Network provides access to a range of membership benefits that will help you to drive membership value and growth.

Our groundbreaking sector conferences, events and online/offline networking opportunities means that our network goes much further. Since 2008 we have worked hard to build a professional community and we hope you will consider joining us.

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Member Badge

If you consider yourself an association or membership professional, then why not prove it? The MemberWise Member badge is to show you are a member of the MemberWise Network. You can display it on your CV, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and show colleagues/friends that you are committed to personal/professional development. It is quick and simple:

1) Download the badge locally to your computer (right-click & ‘Save as…’) and add to appropriate materials.

2) On LinkedIn select ‘Profile’ (located in the main menu), select ‘Edit Profile’ and then add a ‘New Position’ and enter the following information:

– In the Company Name type ‘MemberWise
– In the Title type ‘Member’
– Location – Ignore this field
– Time period – Enter your joining date and ‘I currently work here’
– In the Description box we suggest the following text:

“I am a Member of the MemberWise Network. The network is the leading free to join professional network for membership and association professionals and it enables me to access the latest best practice information and advice.”

3) Click ‘Save’ and then at the bottom of your new ‘Position’  next to ‘Add New Media click ‘Add Photo’ and then ‘Upload a File’

4) Now in the Title box enter ‘MemberWise Member’ and leave the ‘Description’ blank.

Note: LinkedIn constantly change the rendering of profile images, so please be aware that the full image may not display fully.