Introducing ChemNet & How It Enables New Member Acquisition (RSC) 2016-10-13T06:56:16+00:00

Project Description

In this Insight we interview Gareth Davies, Member Development Specialist, Royal Society of Chemistry. Gareth introduces us to ChemNet, an online educational tool (aimed at 14 to 18 year olds) that enables the RSC to introduce new potential members to chemistry. The tool primes new potential members to both the profession and the professional body as well as being a practical tool to help learning.

The tool has had a great impact on new member acquisition particularly in light of this target segment being particularly dynamic and ever changing. Gareth hopes to see the tool become self-sufficient and is really passionate about its’ delivery.

Gareth takes the opportunity to advise how he heard of the MemberWise Network and explains how it helps to bring association and membership professionals together. He was a speaker at Harnessing the Web 2015. Find out about our next national conference…