The MemberWise Network delivers over 20+ high profile educational conferences and seminars each year. Our expert speakers include Membership and Association Professionals (at all levels and career stages) just like you!

Speakers represent a range of membership organisations and associations including professional bodies, trade associations, consumer bodies, trade unions, donation-based charities, private members clubs, sports bodies, business associations, commercial subscription companies, loyalty/reward providers and political parties.

Could you be one of our new Expert Speakers? We explain more below…

Why Speak? Let’s Explore the Benefits

For You

  • Speaking at a Best Practice conference shows your expertise and commitment to the membership sector which is attractive to prospective employers;

  • This is an opportunity to challenge yourself by public speaking (as this is a really important skill for your career in any sector) and get constructive feedback on how to get better;

  • Put this activity on your LinkedIn profile and CV to position yourself for promotions and job applications;

  • Represent an under-represented group by being a high-profile speaker. We need more diversity in our world and you can be the change you want to see;

  • An opportunity to Network face to face with other membership professionals and other speakers and stakeholders.

For Your Organisation

  • Speakers receive free passes to attend so they will bring back best practice and lessons learnt to benefit your organisation and other staff on their return to the office (93% of delegates return to the office and change/develop at least one member focused activity)

  • Organisations that put forward speakers outwardly demonstrate their commitment to learning/best practice. Speakers regularly use the experience to evidence professional development and organisations use the opportunity to provide evidence for accreditation schemes including Investors for People.

  • Organisations that send speakers can show their members that they are conducting ‘gold standard’ member focused activity and are proud to talk about the great work they are doing in the sector – success stories always make great PR!

What Opportunities are Available?

We have a wide range of opportunities available to suit your requirements.

If you prefer speaking to a smaller audience our seminars and conference breakout sessions are made for you. They enable more of an interactive/conversational speaking experience.

If you prefer speaking to a large audience our high profile keynote sessions will provide you with an opportunity to share your knowledge, insight and achievements at a larger scale.

Suppliers – Please ‘Contact Us’ if you would like to find out about network promotional opportunities. We only accept initial expressions of interest from practicing membership and association professionals on this page.