MemberWise research has shown that membership organisations in the UK have a strong interest in increasing online engagement with members. We partner with Official Online Communities Partner, Higher Logic, to deliver a great new research summary report on this emerging topic. 

This study shows that this includes an interest to engage members online. Nearly all of the responding organisations indicate that it is an important focus, and two-thirds either already have an online engagement strategy in place or expect to have one within 18 months. Larger organisations are more likely to have a plan in place, but a majority of even small organisations are at least actively discussing this internally.

Organisations use a range of approaches. Nearly all make use of public social media sites such as Facebook, and most employ other approaches as well. The most common are blogs, online forums, and private online communities. There appear to be few differences by organisation size or type of members.
Most host some type of member community (80+%), but the data suggests that fewer than half of those are private online communities. Indeed, two-thirds say they are hosting a member community on one of the public media site. Another 40% are using capabilities resident within their CRM or CMS applications. Fewer than 10% are contracting with a white-labeled community platform provider.

Online Member Research Report

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