Project Description

Data protection is an important issue that membership organisations and associations need to take seriously: it poses a risk of litigation and significant reputational damage. In response the MemberWise Network has conducted a survey to gain a snap shot of current attitudes and practice within the association and membership sector, and to raise awareness of this important topic. I hope you find this report insightful and the recommendations useful to your organisation.

Data Protection Research Report
In August 2015 an online questionnaire was sent to MemberWise Network subscribers via a ten day call to action email/online social media campaign.

The survey included questions on background/demographics, knowledge, opinions and strategy in relation to data protection. The target audience was association and membership professional subscribers of the MemberWise Network.

The results provide insight into related roles and responsibilities; internal policies in place; potential causes of a data breach; perceptions and attitudes towards data protection; and staff training in organisation within the association and membership sector.

This report is available for you and your organisation to download completely free of charge.

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This MemberWise Research Report was written in partnership with Spotlight Market Research and Kingston Smith.

Thanks to sponsorship from ASI Europe this report is available completely free of charge.