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Project Description

In December the much anticipated Member Engagement Toolkit was launched by the MemberWise Network to an audience of 70 association and membership professionals at Home House London. In this article we preview this groundbreaking new (and free) practical resource.

What will the toolkit enable you to do?

It will enable you to take a more structured, informed and robust approach to optimising/enhancing member engagement.

How can I trust the information and advice contained within this resource?

The content has been fully quality assured by 15 membership/association professionals (responsible for member engagement) at leading membership organisations and associations in the UK.

How do I use the toolkit?

1) We recommend that you allocate at least 30 minutes to download and read through the toolkit. You should also download the Member Engagement Strategy template and Best Practice List below as they complement the resource.

2) Once you have familiarised yourself with the content we recommend that you organise a team meeting to discuss how you will address engagement within your organisation. We suggest our list of suggested Actions is a great place to start.

Is further member engagement focused help and support available?

Yes. We have a series of Member Engagement Bootcamps planned in 2017 (9th February and 7th April) and we provide comprehensive member engagement consultancy services to help you take a more structured, robust and informed approach.

Download your copy of the Toolkit, Member Engagement Strategy template and Member Engagement Best Practice Lists HERE…

This (c) MemberWise Resource is available completely free of charge thanks to Official Partners Research by Design and Advanced Solutions International (Europe).