Online Member Engagement Report Launched (in partnership with Higher Logic)


MemberWise research has shown that membership organisations in the UK have a strong interest in increasing online engagement with members. We partner with Official Online Communities Partner, Higher Logic, to deliver a great new research summary report on this emerging topic.  This study shows that this includes an interest to engage members online. Nearly all [...]

Show Me the Money! How to maximise revenues from multi-platform membership publishing in 2017


In this inspirational presentation, delivered by Ian McAuliffe (CEO of Think), we hear how organisations are monitising activities and utilising the various platforms that are available. Ian provides us with his top ten tips on how to generate non-subscripttion fee income and provides some practical advice on this critical topic. This presentation was delivered at [...]

MemberWise Insight – 10 Key Lessons ABout Membership Communications


This inspiring presentation is led by John Innes, Associate Director, THINK (Official MEMX Supporter). John explores various topic areas focused on membership communications. He questions if members actually value what is provided by membership organisations/associations and investigates what they love and what they can do without. He shares his thoughts on how member content can [...]

MemberWise Insight: Membership Publications of Tomorrow (Law Society / Abacus e-Media


This presentation is delivered by Ian Eckert, Managing Director (Audience Development) at Abacus e-Media (MEMX 2016 Official Sponsor). This inspirational presentation provides an overview of the process of enhancing member engagement and delivering targeted content/member benefits. Ian outlines the importance of having the right tools/platforms in place and the internal process re-engineering to ensure membership [...]