Engagement – Understanding – Alignment – Empowerment – Internal Digital Engagement


This inspiratonal presentation is delivered by James Murphy, Director - Global Communications at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and James Scott, Chief Strategy Officer at Netcel. In this great presentation we hear how internal communication was revolutionised via a new intranet tool and a much more collaborative approach. What is unique about this [...]

MemberWise Insight – 10 Key Lessons ABout Membership Communications


This inspiring presentation is led by John Innes, Associate Director, THINK (Official MEMX Supporter). John explores various topic areas focused on membership communications. He questions if members actually value what is provided by membership organisations/associations and investigates what they love and what they can do without. He shares his thoughts on how member content can [...]

MemberWise Insight – Communicating Challenging Messages to Members (RSS/Optimist Consulting)


This inspirational presentation was delivered by Nicola Emmerson, Director of Membership and Professinoal Affairs, Royal Statistical Society and Abby Wright-Parkes, Consultant, Optimist Consulting. Nicola and Abby outline how the RSS developed a challenging message campaign and identify the key success factors for a successful campaign. They also provide viewers with practical tips for your next [...]

Email Marketing in the UK membership sector


Email is still one the best marketing channels around. I love the e-marketing section of the Harnessing the Web 2016 report, such useful benchmarks. Below are the statistics I think membership organisations need to take note of: Links: Download the Harnessing the Web 2016 Survey Summary Report... Visit the Optimist Consulting website... Visit the Ocean [...]

Membership Marketing – Persevere through the headaches & results will follow! (FIA)


In this MemberWise Insight interview we interview Fire Industry Association (FIA) Marketing Manager, Becky Reid, about how membership organisations and associations can get SMART with their membership marketing - via email marketing automation. Becky outlines how the FIA has adopted this new apporach to member emails and highlights a significant move away from hardcopy marketing [...]

Driving Membership Engagement Through Targeted Marketing Communications (CIfA)


In this Video Insight we interview Amanda Forster, Standards Promotion Manager, at the Chartered Institute for Archiologists (CIfA). Amanda introduces the key membership segments of this recently Chartered professional body and outlines how the organisation is taking a more segmented/targeted approach to member communications and marketing. Amanda outlines how the Institute is maximising/optimising this activity [...]