What the US Taught Me – Innovation, Mistakes and White Noise!

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This Guest Blog was written by: Richard Gott Founder and Chair, MemberWise Network   As many of you know I attended the ASAE Technology Conference and Expo in Washington DC in December. My mission was to deepen my association and technology focused insight and understanding (see Not quite the Lincoln I had planned). I am [...]

Ideas on building a more innovative mind-set

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Author: Ben Cocke, Director at Agile Rose Innovation is a slippery beast – and it’s something that needs to be fitted into the proverbial day job, of delivering on targets, interruptions and amidst tight deadlines. However, it is the lifeblood of all membership organisations, for without it, members and ‘the times’ will move on, leaving [...]

Innovation for innovation’s sake is not innovation (Network Views)

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  The MemberWise Network is introducing a new monthly feature called Network Views - an opinion piece on a set monthly theme. The purpose of this new feature is to give a voice to the thought leaders of the membership and association sector and acknowledge and celebrate their wealth of knowledge and experience. The theme [...]

Good to Great: 12 Real Differentiators for Associations (1 of 2)

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Over the past decade I've worked for a number of leading associations in a variety of senior management roles. Many were good places to work; some weren't so; but only a couple were what I would genuinely class as 'great'. This got me thinking - What if I could capture what I believe truly makes [...]