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Carsten Pleiser, Business Development UK

Blue Sky eLearn

According to Memberwise Research, increasing non-subscription revenues is the seventh most crucial goal for UK associations & membership bodies.

Non-subscription revenues have the potential to de-risk subscription revenues, which many membership bodies heavily rely upon, according to Memberwise.

Speaking about different revenue channels, it seems like a missed opportunity that most associations only scratch the surface when it comes to monetising their content or finding sponsors for their online learning initiatives.

Here are three tips for increasing revenues through eLearning sponsorship.

Explain the value of sponsoring eLearning

Ultimately, members thrive on coming to your annual conference for networking, for the experience and the learning.

For most of them, being away for 1 -3 days and juggling their out of office tasks and emails leaves very little room for focused attention on anything but the content.

There is not much energy and time left to pay attention to sponsors or exhibitors.

Most associations get sponsors to pay you for their live event with the opportunity to meet potential customers face to face, but they often struggle to sell the value of sponsoring online content.

Offering your sponsors the focus and the attention when learners are engaged in online content, in their environment & on their terms seems like a missed opportunity for associations.

Sell different levels of eLearning sponsorship

If you’re still not sure how you can attract sponsors for your eLearning efforts, here are three potential ways:

  1. Offer ad placements on your eLearning platform homepage alongside the on-demand presentations.
  2. Mention the sponsor at the beginning or at the end of your webinar, presentation or podcast.
  3. Sell an annual content sponsorship and include logo, blurb and link to their chosen destination alongside the learning content on your LMS.

That in itself won’t necessarily convince the sponsor to open their wallet and give you their money. It’s crucial that you also prove ROI and provide data first.

Provide insights and data to eLearning sponsors

Unlike trade shows, where sponsors can walk away with a physical list of new leads and opportunities, eLearning sponsorships are a little harder to track.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. For on-demand webinars, provide sponsors with a list of registrants and attendees. Getting files of leads from webinars is almost as close as receiving a list of leads from trade-shows. Due to the latest GDPR, you should, of course, make sure that you’re asking attendees for their opt-in first
  2. Provide a monthly report with the statistics on course, presentation or homepage views. While these stats don’t necessarily co-relate to new business opportunities, it will help reassure them that enough eyeballs are seeing the information they have paid to have displayed
  3. Add tracking information to the sponsorship URL so sponsors can easily follow which channels have contributed to traffic and conversion

One benefit of selling sponsorship for digital channels instead through live events is that it’s much easier to track engagement.

Digital will never fully replace your face- to-face event, but it offers great opportunities for increasing non-subs revenues through eLearning sponsorship.

Blue Sky eLearn provides a full range of learning technologies, including a proprietary learning management system & a complete set of virtual event services. Blue Sky helps organizations capture educational content from live or virtual settings, then facilitates the management & delivery of content to a global audience through its learning platform.

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