The Perfect Membership Scheme?


This popular advice sheet (now in its fourth edition) explores popular and emerging membership scheme models. It has been downloaded 3,800 times in just two years! It identifies the critical components and makes clear recommendations that will help you to create, quality assure, or change your existing membership scheme to greatly improve membership value and [...]

Data Protection Survey Summary Report (sponsored by ASI Europe)


Data protection is an important issue that membership organisations and associations need to take seriously: it poses a risk of litigation and significant reputational damage. In response the MemberWise Network has conducted a survey to gain a snap shot of current attitudes and practice within the association and membership sector, and to raise awareness of [...]

HMRC List 3 – Potential Tax Relief of Up to 40% for Your Members!


This guidance note provides a quick overview of the tax relief available to members of charitable membership organisations and associations that have gained tax relief approval (on membership subscription fees) from HMRC. It also provides details on how your organisation can apply. In short, if your organisation is charitable and  eligible to be listed on [...]

The Perfect CRM – Is there such a thing?


This is a presentation Richard Gott delivered at CHASE 2011. The presentation was co-presented with the Charity Finance Directors' Group (Michael Dykes, Head of Membership and Information) and provides an overview of the key considerations when horizon searching for a new membership database/CRM. Although the presentation was delivered some years ago the key advice remains [...]

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