Member Engagement Insight (Royal College of Physicians) – Laura Fleming, Head of Membership


In this Insight we interview Laura on the sector's key goal in 2016 (member engagement) and how this is being optimised at the Royal College of Phsyicians (RCP). At the start of the interview Laura was asked if an evolutionary or a revolutionary approach was required and she firmly advises that she is in 'revolution [...]

Email Marketing in the UK membership sector


Email is still one the best marketing channels around. I love the e-marketing section of the Harnessing the Web 2016 report, such useful benchmarks. Below are the statistics I think membership organisations need to take note of: Links: Download the Harnessing the Web 2016 Survey Summary Report... Visit the Optimist Consulting website... Visit the Ocean [...]

Online Member Engagement Insight (Precedent)


In this Insight we interview Cory Hughes, Director - Digital Experience and Strategy at Precedent. She advises that what is needed is a membership revolution and that membership bodies should think 'people first' rather than 'digital first'. She shares her top 3 online member engagement tips, provides insight on experience rather than member benefits and [...]

Introducing ChemNet & How It Enables New Member Acquisition (RSC)


In this Insight we interview Gareth Davies, Member Development Specialist, Royal Society of Chemistry. Gareth introduces us to ChemNet, an online educational tool (aimed at 14 to 18 year olds) that enables the RSC to introduce new potential members to chemistry. The tool primes new potential members to both the profession and the professional body [...]

The Future Of CRM & Tips for Successful Digital Transformation (Silverbear)


In this video Insight we interview Carl Grieves, Sales Director att leading CRM provider, Silverbear. Carl talks to us about the key challenges facing membership organisations and associations and how the network is working collaboratively to drive membership value and growth for client membership bodies. Harnessing the Web - The Future of CRM & Key [...]

Membership Marketing – Persevere through the headaches & results will follow! (FIA)


In this MemberWise Insight interview we interview Fire Industry Association (FIA) Marketing Manager, Becky Reid, about how membership organisations and associations can get SMART with their membership marketing - via email marketing automation. Becky outlines how the FIA has adopted this new apporach to member emails and highlights a significant move away from hardcopy marketing [...]

Driving Membership Engagement Through Targeted Marketing Communications (CIfA)


In this Video Insight we interview Amanda Forster, Standards Promotion Manager, at the Chartered Institute for Archiologists (CIfA). Amanda introduces the key membership segments of this recently Chartered professional body and outlines how the organisation is taking a more segmented/targeted approach to member communications and marketing. Amanda outlines how the Institute is maximising/optimising this activity [...]

Membership Segmentation in Action (IOP)


In this MemberWise 'Insight' Stephanie explains how the IOP segments membership information/advice by member need at all career stages. She outlines how Student members have very different needs to Fellows and communicates how the IOP works to both meet and exceed these needs/requirements. Stephanie also takes the opportunity to update the sector on how taking [...]

Adopting a multi platform segmented approach (RCGP)


In this MemberWise Presentation Video  Sinead Whelan, RCGP Membership Marketing and Initiatives Manager, outlines how online engagement/segmentation can provide great value to the member and the association/membership organisation. She also outlines a step-by-step plan and outlines the opportunities that exist. View this presentation... This video was flimed at the MemberWise Harnessing the Web national conference. [...]

Next Generation Evaluation Tool (Member Benefits)


This practical tools was created by MemberWise Founder, Richard Gott, in 2010 and has been used by a range of membership organisations and associations to evaluate member benefits against the requirements of the generations (including Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z). This resource provides: - An overview of generational requirements [...]

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