For the majority associations, learning programs contribute to nearly 25% of average non-dues revenue generation.

The crunch question?

How can your associations provide more value & more education to more people while expanding and charging more for it?

The ability of your leadership team including yourself, your strategy, and your technology as an “enabler” play an important role here.

It’s no secret, that by building out your strategy and using modern, easy-to-use learning technologies, you can provide high-value education to members and non-members complementing your mission and purpose.

But what are those LMS benefits exactly?

Without measuring the return-on-investment on your shiny new learning technologies, what’s the point of investing in one, right?

Let’s be bold:

2019 is the year for UK Associations to grow, to reduce operational costs, to increase member retention, to attract millennial learners & to increase non-dues revenues.

Here’s WHY and HOW:

Benefit #1: Reduce your operational costs

Long gone are the days when in-person trainings are the only option for offering continuing education.

Technology has come far and thanks to speedy internet connections, mobile devices, video compression, mobile responsive software & cloud-based technology, online learning can be an alternative.

You only need to produce the learning content once and can then distribute it via your various channels. Your LMS becomes your content hub and library.

With this, you’re saving money on venues, printing & travel. Your members don’t have to travel across the country.

They don’t have to pay for hotel & transportation. They can consume the content in their own time while engaging with other learners online.

This leads us to the next benefit.

Benefit #2: Attract the new generation of learners

You don’t want to be the Digital Dinosaur in your industry, right?

Why should a recent graduate join your association if they can get learning from YouTube, Coursera, Lynda & Co. You must offer compelling, exclusive, and millennial-friendly content and benefits, otherwise, you’ll risk dying a slow, but painful association death.

Graduates  might not be ready to join your annual conference, but they are certainly ready for online learning content, hosted on an user-friendly LMS with a modern interface, optimised for mobile devices.

Why not offer micro-learning, e.g. shorter courses, add gamification elements to your learning and tie in to your community?

Ideally, you want to bring your content to where your audience prefers to consume it, and not the other way around.

Benefit #3: Increase your non-dues revenues

Your members crave your content.

They see you as their “most reliable” source for continuing education.

And they want it all.

Self-paced learning, online courses, virtual meetings & webinars, pod casts, blog posts, conference live streaming, mentoring & online guides.

Modern Association LMS enables you to facilitate, deliver and track online payments, including recommendations, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Why not monetise on your non-member content to attract membership?

Benefit #4: Grow your membership

Learning opportunities as outlined above are one of the most effective ways to attract new members. A modern Association LMS can help serve as a robust base for personalised “push” and “pull” marketing to boost member acquisition, while simultaneously reinforcing engagement and retention among existing members.

Blue Sky eLearn provides a full range of learning technologies, including a proprietary learning management system & a complete set of virtual event services. Blue Sky helps organizations capture educational content from live or virtual settings, then facilitates the management & delivery of content to a global audience through its learning platform.

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