Driving Membership Body Efficiency – The 3 Wins

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The MemberWise ‘Harnessing the Web’ Research Report 2015' highlighted some of the key challenges facing membership organisations and associations as they continue to invest in technology change and integrate digital with back office functions whilst delivering products and services members want, for the lowest possible cost. It’s hardly any wonder that the pace of change [...]

Top 4 shifts in continuing professional development (Network Views)

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Network Views – an opinion piece on a set monthly theme that gives a voice to the thought leaders of the membership and association sector and acknowledges their knowledge and experience. The monthly theme for February is Continued Professional Development (CPD) and e-Learning - in time for our upcoming CPD-related stream at Membership Excellence 2016 [...]

Good to Great: 12 Real Differentiators for Associations (1 of 2)

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Over the past decade I've worked for a number of leading associations in a variety of senior management roles. Many were good places to work; some weren't so; but only a couple were what I would genuinely class as 'great'. This got me thinking - What if I could capture what I believe truly makes [...]