We here at membershipbespoke are beginning to notice some encouraging green shoots of recovery in recruitment for membership organisations.  The signs are that there will be a great deal of activity in this area after restrictions are lifted.  Here are some top tips for clients and candidates to help you get ahead of the competition.

Top Tips for Employers

1. Prioritise – If there is recruitment that has been put on hold due to the current situation that is going to be essential when restrictions are lifted now is a great time to start planning and advertising the role.  This might be maternity covers, special projects or roles where there is a big gap in a department such credit control or renewals. The reasons why now is a good time.

  • Increased visibility.  There aren’t many roles being advertised at the moment so the roles will get noticed more than normal thus increasing candidate flow
  • membershipbespoke has capacity so you will get the utmost attention to get the very best talent
  • Candidates will be happy to interview on video links like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype
  • Delayed start dates.  membershipbespoke currently has 6 roles where the candidates understand that they can’t start when it was originally planned but are happy to wait until it is possible
  • Remote working.  The world of work has changed.  Remote working is now the preferred option for most people so even though inducting someone remotely isn’t ideal it is still viable.

2. Use a specialist – Using a specialist recruiter or jobs board will mean you target the right candidates and won’t be inundated with non-relevant applicants.  This will reduce time spent sifting CV’s to get the best shortlist you can. Membership bespoke works on a no success no fee basis so having a look at who is available at the moment is risk free and without obligation.

3. Strategic review – It might be worth considering using the time you have now to revisit job specs and strategically review your teams to better suit a staggered return to work in the previous way post lockdown.  Things are tough now but the sector will bounce back and so will the wider economy.

  • Consider who will be essential to return to the office first and plan for the return.
  • Consider several waves of return to the office.  Staggering who comes back and even though the date is not known yet at least you will be prepared.

4. Communicate – We are all in this together and your peers in other organisations will be happy to chat about what they are doing and so will the guys at MemberWise and membershipbespoke

Top Tips for Candidates

1. Length of CV We always suggest no more than 4 pages. This is a good rule of thumb. The average across the membership sector is 3 pages.

2. Spelling and grammar, mistakes on CVs – This is our biggest pet hate of our trade association and profession a body clients. Make sure at the end to check and check again.

3. Achievements These are really important and will make your CV stand out. Ensure these are tangible.

4. Avoid generic content With a CV it is easy to write something similar to a job description but by doing this you will lose the CV readers attention.

5. Be Specific We find many people are not specific i.e. for example if you have used a CRM system in your membership body which one was it – Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce etc.

We are delighted to announce a series of CV Clinics to be delivered by Daniel Goddard of membershipbespoke online ahead of the Coronavirus Recovery Period.  Please feel free to book a slot and Daniel will be able to provide advice and guidance via zoom on your CV or any roles that you plan to recruit for as soon as you are ready.

The membershipbespoke group remains the only specialist recruitment organisation in the UK, which offers a dedicated service tailored to the needs of Trade Associations, Professional Bodies, Trade Unions and Regulatory Bodies.

Dennis Howes
Dennis HowesDirector, membershipbespoke