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Ben Cocke, Director at Agile Rose


Let’s assume you have ‘the basics’ in place – a content marketing plan, regular flow of messaging going out on the main social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

But in these times when information itself is an increasingly an available and free resource, and everyone is creating more content – how can you stand out?

How can you amplify the content you generate and make it reach further and resonate more deeply?

We recommend the following eight tips – for the details, please read our white paper or watch our video (8.45 mins);-

1) Find and occupy a unique space

2) Focus on quality – to stand out

3) Find the Influencers – they can help you

4) Be generous – people will respond positively to this

5) Create controversy – to encourage engagement

6) Get visual – to stand out

7) Revisit your members’ social media landscape

8) Measure it

Read more in our white paper or watch the video (8.45 mins)

Agile Rose Marketing are a small but agile marketing consultancy that specialises in helping membership organisations.  We deliver practical support on all aspects of membership engagement including marketing planning, social media audits and member data leverage.
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