By Guest Blogger:

Carsten Pleiser, Business Development UK

Blue Sky eLearn


You are looking to attract as many members as you can to your annual meeting or conference, but are you catering for those who stay for a variety of reasons, from budget to personal?

Did you know that only 15-20% of possible delegates will actually make it to your conference in person? Those, who can’t make it, still want to learn, network & connect.

Your members are expecting a similar experience to your live event, even if they’re not attending in person. They expect an experience that looks good and works on any device, smart phone, tablet or desktop computer and allows them to consume the content from anywhere in the world with the same quality.

Equally, for those who are attending your annual meeting, they can only consumer 10-25% of your educational offering, leaving your conference under saturated. They would want to have the ability to access the recordings post event to learn and educate themselves.

Additionally, if you’re providing too much content, members stop learning as the brain can only absorb so much.

Remember, your content is the most valuable asset you have as an association and should be protected. The live content aspect must have a strong and instant engagement factor – it can’t be seen & forgotten and you need to avoid getting it buried on your digital shelves

Having relevant and timely content also presents an opportunity for your association to distribute it like Hollywood does.

What does Hollywood have to do with my annual conference?

The film industry in general, and especially Hollywood, leverages their content through an established lifecycle called windowing. The distribution of Hollywood content follows a clear sequence.

Step 1: Cinemas (if they are fortunate enough to get a theatrical deal)

First, films will be released to cinemas. A live experience where people have to be present and also pay a high-ticket price to enjoy the content.

Think about it, your annual meeting is very similar, a premium pricing and a live experience.

Step 2: Pay-Per-View or DVD

Next, the content becomes available as Pay-Per-View or as DVD.  Available at a lower price point and catering for those who didn’t want or couldn’t attend the live event.  Still very fresh, people still pay a reasonably high price.

Step 3: Subscription Channels

The content will then be delivered on subscription channels. Think about the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime. People are paying a monthly subscription fee and they pick and choose the content they want to see, typically based on their interest and user behaviour.

As an association, you don’t just want to share the annual conference content, you want to target it and you might also choose to bundle up additional webinars or other content from previous years.

Step 4: Television & Free TV

Last, the content becomes available for free to anyone.

At this stage, maybe you would like to make your content available to non-members? Maybe you would put it on your blog? There are great ways to re-purpose the existing content you already have.

With Hollywood, a new film in cinemas contributes to only about 25% of the total revenue. The other 75% are delivered through other channels.

Do you leave money on the table?

The ability to review sessions post event (sessions that your members have or haven’t attended), can extend the lifecycle of your conference, increase the engagement and add additional value to your members.

Remember, it’s not enough to just record a single session or distribute presentations afterwards. To maximise your opportunities, you need the adjust your content into packages that aligns with your target audience and their interests.

Not every stream is relevant to all members.

Not everyone has the time to review the entire conference.

For example, you can live stream your live event to your virtual audience and the audience can be anywhere in the world watching and following.

Or, you can deliver the content through an on-demand library and sell this as a premium pricing.


  • Think outside the traditional content delivery box. Your members are missing out on content and they want to access this after your conference in their own time.
  • Your content doesn’t have to live on your digital book shelves. Put it on an eLearning platform and bundle it into digestible modules based on your audiences’ interest.
  • You can either attract non-members by giving them paid access to conference content or add value by offering the content to existing members
  • Your content distribution strategy depends on your association goals. Remember the Hollywood distribution chain so you don’t leave money on the table.


Blue Sky eLearn provides a full range of learning technologies, including a proprietary learning management system & a complete set of virtual event services. Blue Sky helps organizations capture educational content from live or virtual settings, then facilitates the management & delivery of content to a global audience through its learning platform.