By Guest Blogger:

Katie Atkinson, President

Results Direct & RD Mobile


Mobile apps are a game-changer for member associations and charities looking to better engage members and supporters, nurture relationships, increase donations, and manage events and volunteers.

What considerations are most important as you look to implement an app?

Here are RD Mobile’s top tips based on our experience working with groups including Habitat for Humanity, EDUCAUSE, and the Institute of Fundraising. In addition to choosing a partner that will work closely with you to ensure success, you should also look for an app that:

1. Gives YOU control

You should choose an app that gives you 100% control to manage look-and-feel, features, content, and announcements. Does the app you’re considering provide the flexibility to present your content in a way that will be intuitive to your users and use your terminology? Can you make updates and publish them immediately? These are all functions you want to own and be able to manage directly whenever you need to – and from any device.

2. Offers features of value to your members and supporters

How do your members and supporters want to engage with you – and with one another? What additional value can you provide through a mobile app? Your app should enable personal experiences and capabilities to provide custom content delivery and social engagement, and deliver the most relevant experiences.

3. Includes full support

Good support ensures that you’ll deliver the best app experience for your members and supporters. Does your app provider offer a rich set of online help tools? Tutorials? Videos? How available are they to answer your questions? What consultative expertise do they offer to help you promote your app? Can they provide enhanced services such as becoming part of your team when you are resource-constrained?

4. Is reliable

Your mobile app must work on every device, every time. Connected to the internet, not connected to the internet. Plain and simple, it needs to work. Does the app you’re considering have a proven track record of success? And if there is a problem, how will you get the support you need to quickly resolve it?

5. Delivers year-round engagement

An exceptional app provides engagement opportunities to enable networking, access to custom content and tools, and a direct line of communications – available to your members and supporters year-round via their mobile devices. How will your app enhance your value proposition on an ongoing basis?

6. Pays for itself

Your app should provide enough value that it presents new opportunities to generate revenue by increasing sponsorship income and donations. Your app should include rotating ad spaces, promoted posts, and beacon notification options.


RD Mobile is proud to be the official MemberWise Conferences Mobile App Provider. RD Mobile has more than 10 years’ experience engaging members year-round, elevating event experiences, and generating revenue for 200 top membership organisations and charities and 2,000 events worldwide.

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