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Russ Magnuson

Results Direct Mobile


This is Part 2 in a series of articles about ensuring success with a mobile event app for your organisation’s annual conference or meeting. Part 1 covered “Selecting Your Event App.”

Preparing and Planning (Before Your Event)

Now that you’ve selected your event app, getting your app ready starts (and largely ends) in the two months leading up to your event. The timing can vary, but typically 45-60 days out from the event is sufficient to accomplish two main objectives:

  1. Loading the app with your event content
  2. Promoting your app to your delegates

Chances are that, by the time you want to begin getting your event app ready, you already have most of the event content available to you. This content might be on your website, in a spreadsheet, and/or in your event planning software:

  • Schedule/Agenda
  • Sessions/Streams
  • Speakers
  • Attendee/Delegate Rosters
  • Exhibitors/Sponsors
  • Venue Details
  • City/Visitor Information

Additional content can be created and added as it becomes available closer to your event:

  • Event Notifications
  • Session Handouts/Resources
  • Session/Event Evaluations

Loading your event content

A good event app will enable you to enter and manage your content through a backoffice portal (without requiring your provider to manage it). Having this control saves you money and also means that you can make last-minute content changes on-site using your mobile device (phone or tablet).

A superior event app offers additional capabilities to upload content via CSV files, APIs from your CRM or AMS, or even ready-to-use integrations with common platforms such as WordPress, Eventbrite, or other 3rd party systems.

Finally, content can be written and scheduled to be sent to app users at designated times via notifications (i.e. “Welcome reception begins in 10 minutes”) or when delegates pass by a specific location and trigger a beacon (i.e. “25% discount on publications in the conference store”).

Promoting your app

In the US, it’s now common for our association customers to achieve 100% app downloads by delegates at their conferences. This success is the result of marketing the benefits of the app, early and often.

The most exciting benefits for delegates are the ability to build personal itineraries in the app and see who else is attending – all in advance of arriving. Your app promotion efforts should highlight these benefits, and your marketing should be multi-faceted:

  • Delegate Emails – highlight different app benefits and include download instructions/links
  • Social Media – generate excitement and promote your app before and during your event
  • On-Site Signage – place signs in high-traffic locations with instructions for finding and installing the app
  • Keynote – announce your app at your opening general session
  • Slides/Video – highlight your app in rotating displays around your venue

You might also consider running a contest, game, or giveaway to encourage app downloads.

Fun ideas such as treasure hunts can incorporate “clues,” and beacons can push messages when delegates are in range.

Now you’re ready to succeed with your event app! A little preparation and planning in advance of your conference will maximise the benefit to your delegates and your organization. Be sure to choose an event app partner that will guide you in making the most of your investment.

Next up, we’ll discuss:

On-Site Activities and Actions (At Your Event)

If you would like further advice about how to succeed with a mobile event app, please reach out to me on +44 (0) 20 3473 3100 x3 or via email at [email protected].

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